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This diet will save you from heart attack, know from experts what to avoid

Health tips for Heart: Experts say that due to poor diet, the cases of heart disease are on the rise. People are having heart attack at an early age.

Make these changes in lifestyle, the risk of heart attack will reduce

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Healthy heart diet plan: in the last few months heart attack The cases have increased a lot. people at a young age heart attack is falling In the past, such cases have also been seen where there was an attack while dancing or doing gym and died on the spot. Doctors say that heart diseases are increasing due to wrong eating habits and spoiled lifestyle, although some changes in diet and avoiding food can prevent heart diseases.

Senior Physician Dr. Ajay Kumar explains that plant-based diet should be followed to avoid heart disease. That is, keep the consumption of seasonal fruits essential in the diet. Include green vegetables in the diet as well. Salt and saturated fats should be taken to a minimum in food. Many people have a habit of eating more salt, but avoid it because sodium is high in salt. It enhances the taste of food, but is not good for the heart. Eating too much salt leads to the problem of high BP, which can damage the arteries of the heart.

Include calcium in diet

Include calcium in the diet. For this, consumption of sweet potato, onion, lemon is good. Along with this, it is also important to avoid street food. Do not take excessive amount of fat in food and do not consume too much of carb. Also avoid eating ghee or oil in the winter season.

exercise regularly

Dr. Ajay says that it is also very important to exercise daily to keep the heart fit, but any exercise should be done according to the advice of the doctors. Whether the age is less or more, everyone should keep this thing in mind. People are also advised to get their lipid profile test and echo done every three to six months. With this, any disease occurring in the heart can be identified. Due to which treatment is done in time.

If you see these symptoms, go to the hospital immediately

chest pain that does not get better even after taking gas medicine

sudden sweating


respiratory distress

chest discomfort

chest pain that radiates to the shoulders and left arm

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