These can be the reasons for delay in periods, you should also keep these things in mind

Not having periods on time can increase the mental problems of women. Through this article, we will tell you about the reasons for late periods.

reason for delay in periods

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There can be many reasons for delay in periods of women. Usually the menstrual cycle is of 21 to 35 days. However, all women menstrual cycle May be different. Some woman may have periods after 28 days and some after 30 days. However, let us tell you that if your cycle is of 28 days but you are having periods after a day or two, then you can consider it late.

On the other hand, if you do not get periods for 40 days, then you can consider it as missed periods. Through this article, we will tell you about the reason for late or missed periods.

increased stress

Periods can also be delayed due to stress. When you take more stress, it increases the hormones that balance the body’s system. Because of this, there is a problem in the reproductive hormones. That’s why don’t take too much stress.

weight gain

Your menstrual cycle can be affected due to increase in weight more than normal. Periods can be missed due to increase in the amount of fat in the body and deterioration of hormones. Please tell that you may have to face such a situation due to excessive dieting.

Causes of PCOS

Periods can also be delayed due to Polycystic ovary syndrome ie PCOS. This problem has become very common nowadays. Please tell that because of this your flow may be less or more.


In many cases, due to the increase in diseases like diabetes and thyroid, periods also get delayed. Many changes occur when the blood sugar level in the body increases, due to which periods can become irregular.

contraceptive pill

be told that many women birth control pills Consumes more, which can be the reason for delaying periods. This pill should not be taken without the advice of a doctor.

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