There may be the biggest rail-road freight strike in America, know what will be the effect?

New York. The world’s largest economy is on the verge of a freight strike. The situation may worsen if there is no agreement between the government and the union. Yes! Here we are talking about America. The organization of rail-road conductors has refused to accept the labor agreement made by the Biden government. This has increased the possibility of a nationwide freight strike just before the holidays in America. If there is no agreement between the government and the union by the beginning of the second week of December, then the people of America may have to face an unexpected situation.

The leaders of the labor organization have spoken of resuming the talks with the government. The railway companies and the union still have two and a half weeks’ time. If there is no agreement between the two parties, then the strike can start from December 9. In the event of a strike, the country will suffer a loss of $ 2 billion (Rs 16,331 crore per day) daily. If the strike is prolonged, the country may have to face serious economic consequences. In America, about 30 percent of goods are transported by rail. According to the National Career Conference Committee, if there is no agreement in time, the shipment of perishable goods will start getting cut, which can have an impact on economic activities.

Please tell that there are 4 unions in America, which have about 60 thousand members. If there is no agreement between the government and the labor organizations by December 8, then two things can happen. First, the railroad may prevent workers from coming to work or the workers themselves may go on strike. In the event of a strike, the US Parliament (Congress) can intervene. A provision has been made in the Railway Labor Act that the Parliament can make any law to restore the railway service. Significantly, in the month of September, an agreement was reached between the labor organizations and the government regarding the payment. Under this, the provision of paid working day in case of illness was not included. The SMART-ID union with 28,000 members refused to accept it.

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