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There are many benefits of taking this one medicine, stomach cancer can also be prevented

Aspirin tablets: Aspirin is given to reduce the risk of heart attack. Now in a research it has been found that this medicine can also reduce the risk of cancer.

There are many benefits of taking Aspirin.

Aspirin health benefits: Worldwide cancer The cases are increasing every year. After the occurrence of this disease, it becomes very difficult to save the life of the patient. There is no specific medicine to prevent cancer, although it has now been found in a research that aspirin taking the tablet stomach cancer can be protected from. This has been revealed in a research done on patients with symptoms of cancer in the last two decades.

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More than 800 people were included in this research. All of them had Lint syndrome, which is a genetic disorder. There is a risk of getting colorectal cancer. Half of the people involved in the research were given two aspirin every day, while the rest were given a placebo. This study showed that only 19 of the people taking aspirin were diagnosed with cancer. While this number was 37 in the placebo group.

Scientist Professor Sir John Byrne involved in the research says that it has become clear from this research that aspirin had almost halved the number of people suffering from cancer. He said that one out of two people in the world is at risk of getting cancer. There has also been a lot of improvement in the treatment of cancer, although there is still a lot of work to be done regarding the treatment of this disease. But what if this disease can be reduced by any medicine which is often found near us? What if, even in people who are at high risk of getting cancer, taking two, small pills a day could improve cancer conditions? The answer to these questions has been found in this research, which suggests that the risk of stomach cancer is very low by taking aspirin.

How Aspirin Was Identified as a Cancer Preventer

According to Professor Sir John Byrne, it is estimated that one in 300 people in the UK suffer from Lynch syndrome, and around one in thirty colon cancer cases are linked to genetics. Aspirin has the potential to save thousands of lives around the world and is clear evidence of the value of long-term studies that show simple steps people can take to improve their lives.

Although the first analysis in 2007 showed no change in the incidence of colon cancer between the two groups, a second resert three years later produced a very different picture. Now with time the good effects of aspirin became apparent. It has been found in this research that the risk of colon cancer is very less in those who take aspirin.

Aspirin is also given to heart patients.

Aspirin is given to reduce the risk of heart attack in high risk patients. Other studies have suggested that this drug has the power to reduce cancer risk, but this was the first such trial specifically on aspirin and cancer to prove this. Although long-term use of aspirin has side effects such as stomach ulcers and stroke, the drug may prove to be beneficial for a patient with Lynch syndrome and a lower risk of cancer.

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