The shortest job interview went viral on Twitter, former CEO asked for a job, Elon Musk said NO – elon musk give reply to former ceo john legre on twitter




Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Company and the new owner of Twitter, is in the limelight for his tweet.
The former CEO of a mobile company had demanded a job from Elon Musk by tweeting.
Elon Musk refused to give the job by replying to the tweet.

New Delhi. Since buying the micro-blogging site Twitter, Elon Musk has been in constant headlines for his tweets. In this episode, Elon Musk is once again in the news. Actually, he retweeted the tweet of former CEO of a mobile company, which is going viral. John Legere, former CEO of America’s T-Mobile company, tweeted that ‘Alon Musk should let me run Twitter. You only focus on the product and technology. Stop focusing on the company’s daily business and content moderation and let someone else run Twitter.

Apart from this, the former CEO wrote sarcastically in the tweet itself that ‘I am a bit expensive and anyway you (Elan Musk) have bought Twitter expensive’. Along with this, he also wrote that through tweet, you should present an example of how to tweet. On this, Musk immediately replied in a simple one word- ‘No’…

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Responding to this flat answer from Musk, John wrote in a funny way that ‘this was a very short interview’. Well, now I cannot say that I did not try.

Let us tell you that recently US President Joe Biden had commented on Elon Musk. US President Joe Biden says that Tesla founder Elon Musk should be investigated in view of his cooperation and technical relations with other countries. In a press conference at the White House on Wednesday, Biden said, “I think Elon Musk’s cooperation (business partnership etc.) or technical relations with other countries should be investigated.”

Asked whether Musk is a threat to US national security, he said, “Whether he is doing something wrong or not, I am not saying anything.” All I am suggesting is that it should be investigated. That is all I am saying.’ Asked how, Biden said, “There are all kinds of ways.” (from input language)

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