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The problem of Long Covid is responsible for these four types of symptoms, know how to prevent

Long Covid: Even after recovering from the corona virus, its symptoms persist for a long time, the problem of long covid is. One out of every five people is facing this problem.

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Long Covid causes: Corona virus after being infected with long covid is having trouble. One out of every five people under the age of 65 has a problem of long covid. Long COVID syndrome occurs when a person continues to have symptoms of COVID for more than four weeks after recovering from the infection. In some people, the symptoms of COVID persist for a long time and can remain in the body for up to six months. In these, even after the report of Kovid comes negative, its symptoms and effect of Kovid do not end.

Now in a research it has been found that long covid damages the body in four ways. In this study, published in the journal Nature Medicine, researchers have done research on about 35,000 patients suffering from long covid. The researchers used an algorithm that looked at 137 different symptoms and then reported four main symptoms in patients.

Scientists have told these four main problems

Cardiac and renal (kidney) system affected

– Affects the respiratory system, sleep and anxiety problems

– musculoskeletal and neurological disorders

Digestive problems

Symptoms may differ from person to person

It has been found in the research that due to long covid there is a problem in almost every organ of the body. There can be difference in its symptoms in different persons. In some cases, long covid can also take a serious form and the patient may need to be hospitalized again. Hence it can be difficult for doctors to diagnose the condition correctly as well as treat it.

34 percent people have cardiac and renal problems

Research has shown that 34 percent of the people suffering from long Kovid after Kovid, the subtype affecting the cocardiac and renal (kidney) system was the most common. 33% of the patients had respiratory problems, anxiety, prolonged headache and insomnia. Symptoms related to the musculoskeletal and nervous system have been observed in 23% of patients. In addition 0% of the patients had conditions that affected the gut. This is the reason why some people who have recovered from Covid are also having digestive problems.

Most of the people are facing cardiac and renal diseases. Due to this, the number of patients of heart and kidney diseases is increasing.

this is the way to save

Take care of your health after recovering from Covid

do regular body checkups

Keep diet and lifestyle right

don’t take mental stress

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