The first woman will go to the moon! NASA will launch Artemis 1 rocket again today after three failures – the first woman will go to the moon nasa will launch artemis 1 rocket again today after three failures




There will be an attempt to launch once again at 11:34 am Indian time
Artemis mission aims to send first woman to Moon as early as 2025
During this experimental flight, the rocket will return to Earth after a 42-day journey without a crew

washington, US Space Agency NASA’s Artemis I, which missed launch twice due to Hydrogen leak in Artemis 1, has been prepared for take-off once again. The American space agency NASA will try to launch its Artemis 1 mission once again today at 11:34 am Indian time during the two-hour launch window opening. Earlier, the space agency had to abort three of its attempts, two due to engine failure while the third was called off due to a storm. At present, looking at the weather, NASA has chosen a two-hour launch window for its launch mission.

first woman on the moon
NASA’s Artemis mission aims to send the first woman to the Moon in early 2025. Of the three missions currently planned by NASA, Artemis I is the uncrewed flight test of the ‘Space Launch System’ and the ‘Orion spacecraft’ orbiting the Moon. Artemis 1 is the first mission of the program and will conduct an experimental flight to orbit the Moon and return to Earth after a 42-day journey without a crew. The journey will use a new launch vehicle, the Space Launch System (SLS), which is currently the most powerful rocket in the world.

Regarding this mission, NASA told the media that we are going back to the moon for scientific research, economic benefits and inspiration. We will collaborate with commercial and international partners and establish the first long-term presence on the Moon.

Will be launched after seeing the weather
Learning from weather-related delays last time, NASA has assessed test data along with weather and other factors before confirming the next launch. NASA said, ‘The rocket will remain in a safe configuration while the teams assess the next steps.’ Under review, NASA will attempt to launch its Artemis I Moon Mission on 16 November.

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