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The child had heart disease since birth, doctors saved his life by operating with this new technique

Heart surgeon says that this is the first operation of this type in the world. Due to which the child’s life has been saved by developing stem cells. This has been done to cure Baby Finley’s heart disease at Bristol Heart Institute.

Heart surgery with the help of stem cells

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In England a child from childhood heart disease Which was causing him a lot of trouble. at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children at just four days old open heart surgery But the surgery did not solve the problem and the functions of his heart were getting worse. In such a situation, it seemed very difficult to save the life of the child. Meanwhile, a heart surgeon at the hospital removed the placenta (an organ attached to the top or side of the uterus). Stem cell Using a new technique, the child’s life has been saved.

Heart surgeon says that this is the first operation of this type in the world. Due to which stem cells were developed by preserving the blood from placenta and this saved the child’s life. Professor Massimo Caputo of the Bristol Heart Institute has used pioneering stem cell scaffolding to treat baby Finlay’s heart disease. With this technique, children born with congenital heart disease do not need many operations. The doctor says that after this operation the child is healthy and completely normal.

The child was not likely to survive

His mother Melissa, from Corsham, Wiltshire, said: “We were prepared from the start that her baby’s chances of survival were not good.” He also underwent surgery for heart disease, but needed a heart and lung bypass machine to keep him alive. His heart was not working properly. After weeks of intensive care, it appeared that there was no conventional way to treat the child’s condition and had to rely on drugs to keep his heart healthy, but then doctors Tried a new procedure, in which stem cells were developed from the placenta.

In this technique, stem cells are injected into the child’s heart to help repair damaged arteries. This was only done as a trial, but it worked for the boy and he recovered. These allogeneic cells were grown by scientists at the Royal Free Hospital in London, and they were injected into Finley’s heart muscle. I went. With these cells, the damaged muscles of the child’s heart were revived.

Child removed from ventilator after operation

Professor Caputo said that after the stem cell operation, the child’s medicines were removed and he was also removed from ventilator support. Regarding this surgery, the professor said that in this, using a bio-printer, a stem cell scaffold is made to repair valves in blood vessels and to repair holes between the two main pumping chambers of the heart. Due to which the heart of the child is taken care of.

Prof Caputo is hopeful that two years after the successful operation, some tests will also be done. Prof Caputo and his team say that stem cell technology can save on the cost of heart surgery.

Appreciation of scientists

Dr Stefan Minger, an expert in stem cell biology and director of SLM Blue Skies Innovation Ltd, praised the research. He said that most studies I am aware of have only minimal clinical trials with stem cell infusion in adults with heart failure. There is benefit, but after this surgery the child’s life has been saved. It has proved to be a successful operation.

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