Symptoms of Omicron Bf.7 variant and seasonal flu are similar, this is how to protect yourself

Omicron Bf.7 Variant In India: The symptoms of Omicron’s bf.7 variant and seasonal flu are very similar. In such a situation, it is important for you to know how to identify the difference between them.

States are getting alert about Corona

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Omicron Variant Bf.7: China in many countries of the world including Corona cases Can grow very fast. The cases of Kovid are increasing worldwide due to the sub-variant bf.7 variant of Omicron. Some cases of this variant have also come in India. Doctors say that the symptoms of all variants of Omicron are similar to flu. In such a situation, people may get confused whether they have got corona or have seasonal flu.

So far, cases of Omicron sub-variants have been found in Gujarat and Odisha. Although there is no significant difference in its symptoms. On getting infected with this, there are complaints of fever, sore throat, mild cough, runny nose and headache. On the other hand, talking about the symptoms of flu, fever can also come very fast in it. Also, vomiting and diarrhea can also happen. In such a situation, if you have these symptoms for three to four days, then it is not necessary that it is Kovid. It could also be the flu.

It is not easy to differentiate between omicron and seasonal flu.

Senior Physician Dr. Ajay Kumar says that it is not easy to differentiate between omicron and seasonal flu. Their symptoms are almost the same. Earlier, in some cases of corona, the problem of loss of taste and smell was seen, but these symptoms are rarely seen in Omicron patients. However, in some cases Omicron may cause shortness of breath or chest pain along with sneezing. If such a problem is happening and this problem persists for three days, then Kovid can get tested.

Many cases of seasonal flu are coming

Dr. Kumar told that at this time people are scared about Corona, but most of the people are getting flu only. This is happening because of the change in the weather. On having fever, people think that they have got Kovid, but it is not so. At present, most people are getting Kovid negative, but flu is being confirmed in them. That’s why it is also very important to prevent flu at this time. If fever persists for more than two days and there is also a problem of running nose, then consult a doctor. If flu is not treated on time, it can also cause serious problems.

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