Symptoms of Norovirus are different from Corona, identify the difference in this way

Norovirus and covid symptoms: How norovirus is different from covid and what is the difference in its symptoms. To know the answers to such questions, we have talked to experts.

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Norovirus Symptoms: Kerala in school students norovirus Cases have been registered. About 19 children have been found infected with this virus. In view of this, the Health Department of Kerala has become alert. All necessary steps are being taken for prevention and prevention of Norovirus. Meanwhile, cases of Kovid are also coming. It is also important for people to be aware of the difference between the symptoms of both the viruses. Norovirus covid How is it different from and what is the difference in its symptoms. To know the answers to such questions, we have talked to experts.

Senior Physician in Delhi Dr Ajay Kumar It is said that norovirus is quite different from Kovid. Most cases of norovirus are reported in children only. The infectivity rate of this virus is much less than that of Kovid. Norovirus begins with a mild fever. It is accompanied by pain in the head and muscles. In some cases, vomiting and diarrhea may also occur.

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According to Dr. Ajay, this virus does not affect healthy people much. Cases of this virus have been coming in Kerala earlier also. Some cases were also reported last year. The mortality rate in norovirus is also much less than that of covid. Although both these viruses spread from one person to another.

Identify the difference in symptoms like this

There may be difficulty in breathing with high fever in Kovid

norovirus causes mild fever

In some cases of Kovid, the taste and smell also go away.

Taste and smell don’t go away in norovirus

Kovid can cause infection in the lungs

Norovirus does not cause lung infection.

Norovirus is spread through contaminated water and food.

The spread of covid is not related to water

Is Norovirus more dangerous than Kovid

Dr. Ajay explains that norovirus is less dangerous than Kovid. Timely recognition and treatment of symptoms can easily save the patient. Norovirus cases are more common in children. People who are infected have only mild symptoms, in some cases, complaints of vomiting and diarrhea are seen. Symptoms appear in one to two days after getting infected with norovirus and they also end in three to four days.

how to prevent norovirus

To prevent norovirus, it is necessary to consume hot water and do not eat contaminated food. If any child is showing symptoms of this virus, then immediately consult the doctors. Keep feeding ORS to the child.

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