Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: What is crib death, how it is fatal for your baby

Sudden infant death which is called crib death in medical language. In this, the newborn baby dies in its sleep. The exact cause of crib death is not yet known, but according to research, it is a brain defect in which the baby has trouble breathing.

The newborn baby dies in its sleep and the parents do not know what is the cause of the baby’s death. According to medical experts, the brain of the baby could be one of the reasons for this. If the baby has breathing problems during sleep, it may die. A part of the baby’s brain that balances his sleep can cause crib death if it doesn’t function properly. This is called SIDS. Let us know what is SIDS-

what is SIDS

It is a kind of brain disorder that affects the sleep of the baby. Sometimes pre-mature birth is also the reason for this.

due to SIDS

Premature baby does not have proper physical development including its heart. Underdeveloped heart is not able to do breathing smoothly which leads to crib death.

Even if you put the baby to sleep on the stomach, crib death can also happen because it causes difficulty in breathing for the baby.

Crib death can occur if the baby has a cold and phlegm accumulates in the chest.

If there is any problem in the breathing of the baby during sleep, then there may be a situation of crib death.

– A lot of research has been done on what is SIDS and why it happens, medical science has called it dangerous and has given some ways to avoid it.

Precautions in SIDS

Put the newborn to sleep only on the back.

If the baby is put to sleep in the cradle, then there should be a comfortable bed on it.

Do not keep any kind of toy with the sleeping baby.

– Do not cover the baby with any thick sheet or quilt while sleeping. Due to this he may have difficulty in breathing.

Feed the newborn only mother’s milk for 6 months.

– Keep the temperature of the newborn’s room up to 23-25. Do not put the baby to sleep under heater fire or blower or in strong sunlight.

– The number of crib death is less in our country but precautions are necessary to avoid it.

Disclaimer: The tips in this article are for general information only. Do not consider these tips and information as advice from any doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, do consult a doctor.