Sudden Heart Attack: Another case of death due to heart attack in the gym, the doctor said – be especially careful in cold weather

sudden heart attack The cases have increased rapidly in the last one year. Sudden heart attack in the year 2022 Due to which many people died. on the go and enjoying weddings Cases of sudden cardiac arrest remained a topic of discussion throughout the years. Unfortunately this process is still going on. recent case Indore of Madhya Pradesh Where a person suddenly got a heart attack during a workout in the gym, due to which he died. The age of the deceased was 55 years, he used to go to gym everyday.

Cases of heart attack during gym have been reported in the past as well. Health experts say that there is a risk of extra pressure on the heart due to high-intensity exercise, so people who already have heart problems should take special care.

Apart from this, cardiologists say that this cold season can also be challenging for heart health. During this time, some carelessness can increase the risk of serious heart disease, about which all people need to be careful.

Be careful in the gym

Heart attacks on the rise in the gym Regarding the risks of heart disease, cardiologists say that exercise is necessary for health, but only as much as our body has the ability to tolerate. High-intensity exercise can put extra strain on the heart. Due to this, the problem of sudden increase in heart rate has been seen in many people, these conditions can lead to heart attack. The problem of good ventilation has been seen in most of the gyms, due to which complications can also increase.

People already suffering from heart diseases should always do light level exercises on the advice of the trainer. It is also very important to give complete rest to the body.

sudden heart attack worrying

In a conversation with Amar Ujala, cardiologist Dr. Vibhav Singh says, increasing cases of sudden heart-attacks are worrying, research is needed to know the factors by paying serious attention to it on a large scale.

By the way, there are many reasons which increase the risk of sudden heart attack. People who already have heart health problems need to pay serious attention to it. Cold weather can also increase complications.

Risk of heart attack in cold

Dr. Vibhav Singh explains, in cold weather our body naturally tries to balance the temperature. When the outside temperature starts decreasing, the body has to work harder to set its temperature accordingly. Due to this BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) increases.

Basal metabolic rate measures the metabolism of the body. Apart from this, the problem of contraction in the vessels also increases during winter, due to which there is a danger of increasing extra pressure on the heart. Not paying attention to such a situation can lead to a heart attack.

Everyone should take care of heart health

Health experts say don’t make the mistake of seeing heart diseases as just a problem with aging. Everyone, from adults to the elderly, needs attention in this matter.

  • To keep the health of the heart right, it is very important to keep the lifestyle right.
  • A healthy diet and regular exercise habits help keep the arteries healthy and the heart working optimally.
  • Reduce the intake of high calorie diet in winter. Keep avoiding extreme cold.
  • Focus on physical activity. The heart can be kept healthy even by doing mild stretching and practicing yoga at home.

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