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Skin and hair can be damaged in winter, know the methods of protection from experts

Skin and hair care tips: Experts say that some people leave their hair like this after washing hair, which can cause even more damage to the hair.

Skin Care Tips: Must try these skin care ideas in 2023

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Skin care tips in winters: in the season of Skin There are many types of problems. The drop in humidity and temperature levels leads to itchiness, dryness and dryness of the skin and hair, due to which many people lose their natural shine when the weather turns cold and on the other hand Hairy Let’s take away the moisturizer. The cold air and artificial heat from heaters can also be a big factor in ridding the skin and hair of any kind of moisture leading to dry skin as well as many hair problems. From which it is very important to protect.

Let us know from the experts how to keep the skin healthy in winter.

Dr. Chandni Jain Gupta, Department of Dermatology, Elangelis Healthcare, explains that there are many ways to keep skin and hair healthy during winters.

1. Moisturize the skin-

It is always necessary to include a good moisturizer in a proper skincare routine. Apart from hydrating the skin, it restores the glow of the skin.

2. Drinking lots of fluids- It is also very important to keep the skin hydrated. For this, sufficient amount of water should be drunk during the day.

3. Regular oiling of hair Regular application of oil to the hair can have many benefits for the scalp and even hair growth. It becomes very important to get natural oil to the hair in the winter season. Regular oiling nourishes the hair roots

4. Always dry hair after washingSome people leave their hair after washing, which can cause even more damage to the hair, which no one can even imagine. The hair should be dried with air or fan as vigorous and vigorous rubbing with a towel to dry the hair can damage the hair.

5, Avoid shampooing more than once or twice a week– Excessive use of shampoos can strip the protective oils from the scalp, making it necessary to shampoo for a limited number of times a week.

6 Don’t forget to use conditioner It is important to use conditioner after washing your hair to moisturise and protect the outermost layer of your hair, and make it smooth and shiny as well as get rid of hair tangles and resultant breakage.

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