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Sheejan’s body language during police interrogation is normal, know from experts what is the reason for this?

Tunisha sharma death: Experts say that even in the Tanusha Sharma case, Sheejan is still an accused. It is not necessary that he has done this incident, although if he seems normal then there can be many reasons behind it.

Police has arrested actor Sheejan Khan in the TV actress Tunisha Sharma suicide case.

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Tunisha Sharma Suicide: TV Actress Tunisha Sharma After the suicide of his co-star Sheezan Khan Has been arrested by the police. Season is accused of allegedly inciting Tunisha. Police is interrogating Sheejan. Many things are also coming to the fore during the interrogation. Police sources told that during the interrogation, his body language is absolutely normal like that of a normal person. Since he is an actor, he might be trying to make it appear so, but every angle is being probed.

According to the police, Sheejan is looking normal, but according to the allegations against him, can a person behave normally in such a situation. Is it easy to behave like this even after the death of a close one? Are there any psychological reasons behind this or being an actor, Sheejan is able to do this? To know the answers to these questions, we have talked to experts. Let us know what the experts say about this.

There may be a sudden change in behavior

health policy specialist Dr. Anshuman Kumar has Tv9 India Told in a conversation with that a person can either be aggressive at some point of time and can also behave normally at other times. in many manic depressive disorder is also seen. Also known as bipolar disorder. People suffering from this can become violent at any time. Due to sudden bad mood, a person becomes aggressive and in such a situation, he can do anything.

If a person has bipolar disorder, then he becomes violent after any dispute or provocation. During this, he can also carry out some criminal incident, but in the next few times, he also starts to look normal. Such a person can have both manic and depressive episodes, that is, there is a change in his behavior within a few minutes. After some time the person becomes normal.

Behavior remains normal even when there is no remorse

Dr. Anshuman Kumar says that there are some people who become normal after committing an incident. This happens because they do not feel remorse at all for their actions. These people live in normal behavior only. For example, Aftab Aaj Tak, the accused in Shraddha murder case, behaves normally. Looking at him, it does not seem that he has been accused of such a painful incident. Something similar happens in other cases as well. Usually a person remains normal only when he does not regret his wrongdoings.

Is Sheezan able to do this as an actor

In this regard, senior psychiatrist Dr. Rajkumar says that even in the Tanusha Sharma case, Sheejan is still an accused. It is not necessary that he has done this incident, although if he seems normal, then it may be that there is a lack of emotion in him or he does not have any special concern with this incident. It is not necessary that he is doing this only because he is an actor. There can be many psychological reasons behind this as well.

Dr. Rajkumar says that sometimes some people are also victims of Anti Social Personality Disorder. But they do not know about this. There is a lack of emotion in such people. They can appear normal even after an incident.

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