Russia preparing for worst attack on Ukraine, 100 missiles brought back from Belarus



Russia Ukraine Tension: The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is going to be about nine months. Instead of becoming a matter, it is getting worse. According to a report in Daily Mail, now Russia is in the mood for more aggression, due to which Ukraine’s problems may increase. It has been claimed in the report that Russia has called back 100 missiles from Belarus. It is being speculated that these missiles can be used to wreak havoc in Ukraine.

Commanders have reportedly secretly transferred around 100 air defense missiles from Belarus to Russia. Which include S-300 and S-400 missiles. These missiles are considered very dangerous. Russia is planning systematically. It has also been claimed in the report that Russia will be more aggressive due to which Ukraine’s trouble will increase.

Russia is furious

It has also been said in the report that Russia has completely destroyed many areas of Ukraine but Ukraine is still standing. Ukraine has regained control over an area like Kherson. In such a situation, Russia is furious and now wants to create fear by waging war on Ukraine in a different way.

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Dangerous weapon approved

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the deployment of dangerous weapons in his private army. This weapon is known as ‘Poor Man Nuclear Weapon’. It is a deadly flamethrower weapon, designed to strike fear into enemies. Russia is already using it in war.

Reports claimed that Russia would now intensify its attacks on the eastern Donetsk region. Along with this, Moscow is strengthening its defense in the southern sector. Earlier this week, the Russian Defense Ministry also said that Ukrainian troops had been pushed back from Yahidne in Ukraine’s eastern Kharkiv province.

Earlier, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus will give land to Russian forces to build barracks in their country. Russia will build an army base there. During his statement, the President of Belarus has not made it clear that how many Russian forces will be stationed on his soil.

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