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Risk of antibiotic resistance even from drinking water, know how medicines are becoming ineffective

Antibiotic resistance: A study report by The Lancet Planetary has revealed that the presence of antibiotics in the water of water treatment plants of India and China is more than the prescribed limit.

Antimicrobial resistance is also happening in the water of pine water

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Antibiotic resistance in water: Worldwide antibiotic resistance The risk of is increasing significantly. Because of this, lakhs of people are also dying every year. Till now it was known that antibiotic resistance is due to excessive consumption of medicines and taking medicines without any reason. (No effect of antibiotics on the body) Maybe, but it is now known that even water supplied to homes can lead to antimicrobial resistance. This has been confirmed by a study report of The Lancet Planetary.

In this study, water samples were taken from water treatment plants in China and India. In the investigation of these samples, the presence of antibiotic in water has been found in many places more than the prescribed limit. According to the report, the existing systems of many treatment plants are not effective in removing such elements from water, which kills bacteria or fungi that cause antibiotic resistance. Because of these bacteria present in water, bacteria develop the ability to fight antibiotics. Due to which antibiotic resistance is created and medicines do not affect the body. In many areas of the country, water is supplied from treatment plants. If there is more antibiotic in water even after treatment, then there is a risk of antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic resistance developing in water due to these reasons

Delhi’s senior physician Dr. Anil Goyal, associated with IMA, says that 85% of the country’s population is dependent on the source of ground water and it is a matter of great concern that anti-microbial resistance is developing in this ground water, due to which people Medicines given in diseases are proving to be ineffective, the biggest reason for increasing anti-microbial resistance in groundwater is excessive use of antibiotics, contamination of poultry farm water in groundwater, drug wrappers or unused drugs drain Or even by throwing in the reservoir, anti-resistance bacteria are formed.

Continuous use of such water will have a very bad effect on health because antimicrobial resistance is a very dangerous condition for any person’s body. For this, awareness has to be increased among the common people. Because if the elements of antimicrobial resistance are present in the water supplied to the house, then it cannot be removed even by RO, resistance is also present in the water treated with RO, which can prove to be harmful to the body.

Medical waste is not being disposed of properly

Dr. Ajay Rai says that the medical waste coming out of some hospitals is not disposed of properly. This waste is thrown anywhere, due to which it keeps getting mixed in the underground water of that area. Many times people also throw medicines in water or drains, which also pollutes the water.

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