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Questions are being raised about the fitness of Rishabh Pant, know the weight loss fund from the expert

Cricketer rishabh pant: Rishabh Pant has a knee problem. BCCI has sent him to NCA for rehab. Sources say that this decision has been taken because of Pant’s fitness.

Rishabh Pant is continuously failing in international cricket. (AFP Photo)

Cricketer rishabh pant: BCCI announced the teams for the three-match ODI and T20 series against Sri Lanka. Young wicketkeeper-batsman in teams of both formats Rishabh Pant Wasn’t named. The news has come that Pant is injured and the BCCI has asked him to National Cricket Academy I have been asked to report. At the same time, according to the news agency PTI, Pant has a knee problem. He has been sent to NCA for rehab.

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Sources say that Pant’s increasing weight is affecting his fitness. This is the reason why he has been asked to report to the NCA. Doctors say that due to increasing weight, many times there can be knee pain or injury. In such a situation it is necessary to reduce the weight. Let us tell you that by following which diet and routine, weight can be reduced in a few weeks.

consume fewer calories

Delhi’s senior physician Dr. Kamaljit Singh Kainth explains that to reduce weight, one has to burn more calories. To burn calories, one should work out properly, but keep in mind that you do not exercise more than your capacity because it can affect the kidney.

According to Dr. Kanth, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition to lose weight. In this, it has to be seen that what and how much you are eating throughout the day. To control weight, reduce the amount of fat and carb in the diet, do more workouts than the calories you are taking. You can go for running, cycling and gym for workout. But try to workout only in the presence of a trainer. Count your calorie count for the day. Keep it around 900 to 1 thousand per day. It is necessary to have a calorie deficit for weight loss. If you take more calories then you will not lose weight.

Have salad in the morning

Dr. Kanth says that morning should be started with salad. After a few hours, dry fruits can be taken as snacks. To lose weight, one should avoid eating more food in the afternoon. You can take dal and curd with chapati in the afternoon. Green vegetables must be consumed at night. Try to avoid flour, sugar and outside food, but definitely include protein and vitamins in the diet.

Weight gain can cause knee problems

According to Dr., the BMI of many people becomes very high. Because of this they have to face many diseases. Due to increase in weight, there is a problem in the knees as well as back pain can also occur. In such a situation, it is important to keep your weight under control. For this, exercise regularly and take the right diet.

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