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People with weak immunity need to be alert from Kovid, keep these things in mind

Covid and immunity: To keep immunity good, it is very important to keep diet and lifestyle right. For this, sufficient amount of protein and vitamins should be included in the diet.

States are getting alert about Corona

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Covid and immunity: in many countries of the world Corona cases are increasing. In India too, people have become alert about Kovid. In the history of the last three years of the corona epidemic, it has been seen that this virus weak immunity Makes people easy prey. Deaths due to this have also increased for those people who had very low immunity. Now when the risk of Kovid is increasing again, there is a need to strengthen immunity. For this many things should be kept in mind.

Senior Physician Dr. Kamaljit Singh Kainth explains that it is very important to keep diet and lifestyle right to keep immunity good. For this, sufficient amount of protein and vitamins should be included in the diet. Vitamin C is very good for immunity. Along with this, immunity is also better than zinc. People should also take vitamin C tablets. You can consume them according to the advice of your doctor.

People who have kidney, liver or heart related diseases should get their health checkup done regularly. Take medicines on time and if there is any problem, consult doctors immediately.

need to get enough sleep

Dr. Kamaljit says that it is necessary to get complete sleep for good immunity. At least seven to eight hours of sleep is necessary at night. Due to lack of sleep, there is a risk of many types of diseases in the body. Its deficiency also affects the immune system. In such a situation, it is very important to get complete sleep. Set your bedtime and wake up time for good sleep. Stop using the phone an hour before sleeping. There should not be much light in the room where you are sleeping. Do not drink coffee or tea before sleeping and eat only light food at night.

do exercise daily

Dr. Cansh says that it is very important to exercise daily to make the body strong. For this only 15 minutes a day has to be spared. You can run or ride a bicycle for exercise. Along with this, the support of yoga and meditation can be taken. The body remains healthy even by doing meditation. This also improves sleep and prevents many diseases.

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