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Patient was suffering from parapharyngeal space tumor, doctors gave new life with robotic surgery

Prince Kumar, 21, had dysphagia and dyspnoea (difficulty in swallowing and breathing). Due to deteriorating condition, he was admitted to Apollo Hospital.

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country capital Delhi the doctors of robotic surgery Has given new life to a 21 year old patient. The patient had a malignant tumor called parapharyngeal space which resides in the tissues of the neck, nerves, lymph nodes and parts of the salivary glands. After examining the patient, the doctors of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital have successfully operated on him with Trans Oral Robot Assisted Surgery.

According to the hospital, 21-year-old Prince Kumar had dysphagia and dyspnoea (difficulty in swallowing and breathing). Due to deteriorating condition, he was admitted to Apollo Hospital. Here the patient’s treatment started by Dr. Kalpana Nagpal, Senior Consultant, ENT Robotic Surgeon and Dr. Anil Sharma, Senior Consultant, Department of Anesthesia. Doctors told that in the initial investigation, it was found that Prince Kumar has a huge tumor due to which he is facing all these problems. An operation was necessary to take it out.

robotic surgery performed

According to the doctors, the robot helps to see the area around the tumor easily. The tumor could be easily removed through this surgery. In such a situation, doctors advised trans oral robotic assisted surgery equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This surgery is very easy and there is a risk of bleeding less.

The patient was conscious during the operation

Dr. Kalpana Nagpal, robotic surgeon of the ENT department of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, said that the prince was having difficulty in swallowing and breathing. The patient had to undergo trans-oral surgery with the help of a robot. Through this surgery, a large parapharyngeal space tumor was removed from the side of the throat. The Prince was conscious during the whole process. In this, anesthesia is given using a fiber optic laryngoscope because it is impossible to give traditional general anesthesia through the nose or throat without a tracheostomy. Additionally, taking out the tumor without making any external cuts is a big challenge in itself.

The doctor told that after the patient’s surgery, his tumor was removed in two parts. Both anesthesia and trans oral removal were a challenge. The patient was discharged within 24 hours after the operation. The patient’s condition is fine now.

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