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Pancreatic cancer can start with these symptoms in the body, this is how to protect

Pancreatic cancer: Pancreatic cancer accounts for about 18 percent of the total cases of gastrointestinal tract cancer and ranks fifth. Most of the cases of pancreatic cancer are reported in advanced stage.

Keep these symptoms of cancer in mind

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Pancreatic cancer prevention tips: Worldwide cancer The cases are increasing every year. There are many types of cancer pancreatic cancer is also a fatal disease. The symptoms of this cancer are not visible quickly. Because of this, most of the cases of the disease are reported in the advanced stage. In such a situation, the treatment of patients also becomes a challenge. Doctors tell that pancreas is a gland which is in the upper part of the stomach. these digestive enzymes is responsible for.

Dr. Vinay Gaikwad, director of the oncology center at CK Birla Hospital in Gurugram, says that cancer develops due to the disease occurring in the pancreas. It starts with pain in the stomach. Jaundice is also a major symptom of this disease. This cancer occurs when the cells around the pancreas suddenly start growing rapidly.

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Pancreatic cancer accounts for about 18 percent of the total cases of gastrointestinal tract cancer and its number is fifth. Pancreatic cancer is treated with surgery. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are also done in this. During the operation the tumor is completely removed.

What are the symptoms of pancreatic cancer

loss of appetite

itchy skin

light stool

change in urine color

uncontrolled diabetes

body weakness

redness of feet

hot feet

what are the causes of this cancer

Doctors say that the exact reasons for the occurrence of pancreatic cancer are not yet known, but it can be caused by smoking and genetic factors. Apart from this, alcohol consumption, obesity, liver cirrhosis and diabetes are also risk factors for this cancer. Pancreatic cancer is very difficult to treat. Only 5 percent of the total patients survive. The reason for this is that most of the patients are reported in the last stage. In most of the cases, the symptoms of the patients are known only after the age of 50 years.

Obesity-diabetes increase the risk

The risk of pancreatic cancer increases in patients with diabetes. Many researches have shown that cases of pancreatic cancer have been reported in people after being diagnosed with type-2. In such a situation, people should control their obesity and diabetes. To reduce obesity, take care of food and diabetes patients should keep their blood sugar level under control. For this, exercise daily and keep your medicines regularly.

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