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Overcrowded hospital, sick doctors, corona beds in garages… this is the real condition of corona in China

Even though China is not telling the cases of Corona, but the pictures and videos going viral on social media from China show the outcry created by Corona in the country.

Corona havoc in China. (representative picture)

China Corona cases have reached a frightening level in India. Although China, coming to the country corona cases He is hiding from the world and recently he announced that now Corona cases will not be told. Variant of Omicron in Corona cases found in China BF.7 Mainly included. The exact number of cases that are coming in the country cannot be told, but Bloomberg News According to the report, 10 lakh cases are being found daily in China, while the death of 5 thousand people has also been estimated.

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It was just being speculated that an alleged document of health officials was leaked from China, in which it was estimated that the total number of corona cases in China would exceed 250 million in the month of December. In fact, the National Health Commission of China (National Health Commission) meeting was taking place in which these figures were presented showing the condition of China. On the other hand, due to increasing cases of corona, there was a shortage of fever and other medicines used in corona in China. China also ordered the first foreign vaccine from Germany in a hurry. Now China is not telling anything but its pictures are being published on social media.

Overcrowded hospitals in China, suffering people, long lines at crematoriums are narrating about Jinping’s arrangements. A whistle blower Jennifer Zeng is continuously showing these pictures of China. Let’s see some viral pictures of China’s plight.

The video is of 26th December, in which doctors are not getting leave due to the rampant cases of Corona and it is directly affecting their health.

This video of Tianjin city of China on December 28, in which the emergency hall is so crowded that people are not even able to get beds for treatment. People are roaming around in the hospital worried about their loved ones.

This Chinese doctor tells the strange condition of corona patients with water in their lungs, says that he has seen 120 people in 8 hours and all of them are getting water in their lungs after infection. According to the doctor, this type of condition in the lungs of corona patients is worrisome.

Due to the huge number of corona cases, there are dead bodies on the beds in the hospitals. In the pictures coming from China, long lines are also being seen for the last rites of the dead. However, China has given the figure of deaths in tenths only.

It can be clearly seen in this video that after the hospitals are full, covid beds are being installed in the garages. According to the Chinese media platform China Daily, due to the lack of hospitals, China is trying to provide health services by uniting hospitals in rural and urban areas.


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