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Omicron bf.7 variant will be dangerous for children too? Know what experts say

Covid19 In India: Experts say that children were also infected in the last three waves of Corona, but they have not seen serious symptoms from Covid.

States are getting alert about Corona

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Covid19 In India: China in many countries of the world including corona virus The cases are increasing rapidly. Seeing this, India is also on alert mode. The Union Health Ministry has issued a guideline regarding the prevention of Kovid. Omicron responsible for increasing cases of Kovid in China bf.7 all variants Is. There have been cases of this variant in India as well. People are scared that the situation might get worse due to Kovid again. Since the situation in the country had worsened during the second wave of Corona.

Now Omicron’s BF.7 variant has increased the threat again. In such a situation, it is important to know whether children can also be at risk from this variant? To know this, we have talked to health experts.

What is the danger to children’s health?

In this regard, Dr. Ajit Kumar of Rajiv Gandhi Hospital says that the country has seen three waves of Corona so far. The first wave was normal, the second wave had a high incidence of infection among young people and the third wave infected the elderly and people with chronic diseases, but children were not at risk in any of the waves. Even if the children were infected, the symptoms were very mild in them. Since Omicron’s sub-variant BF.7 is already present in the country and there is no threat from it, there is nothing to worry about the children. All these variants of Omicron are ending in the throat itself. Due to this, cases of damage to the lungs are also not being seen. In such a situation, there is no possibility of any danger to the children.

Should children with comorbidities be cautious

Professor Dr. Jugal Kishore, HOD of the Medicine Department of Safdarjung Hospital, says that there was definitely an infection from Kovid in the children. He was also infected, but the symptoms were similar to the flu, although children who have pneumonia or any disease related to the lungs need to be a little cautious. It is necessary to protect such children from covid as well as flu. Because any of these diseases can take a serious form, although normal children do not need to worry about corona. There will be danger of virus in the country only when a new variant comes.

Children were also found positive in sero survey

Dr. Jugal Kishore says that during the three years of Corona, many sero surveys have been done regarding Kovid. In these, antibodies against Kovid have been found in children like adults, that is, corona was infected in children, but serious symptoms were rarely seen in them, only those children who were already sick had some problems. That’s why children will not be in danger from Kovid. However, there is still a need to adopt preventive methods.

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