Now the day is not far when man will stay on the moon for a long time, NASA claimed



Orion Lunar Spacecraft Program: Just imagine how that moment would be when you and I started living on the moon. Viewing our planet from the moon would be a truly breathtaking experience. Well a NASA official has claimed that this precious moment may be possible by the end of this decade. Howard Hu, head of the US agency’s Orion lunar spacecraft program, said that humans may be able to live on the Moon for a long time before 2030. This does not mean that people will have a house on the moon. According to Howard, there will be rovers all over the moon to help the astronauts in their work.

Speaking to the BBC, Howard said, ‘Certainly, in this decade, we’re going to have people living there for a long time, depending on how long we stay on the surface. There will be a place for them to live. They will have rovers on the ground. Howard has described this mission as very important. He said that this mission is not only for America but for the whole world.

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