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Note: Excessive use of heater in winter can cause this serious problem, be careful

To prevent the increasing cold, we all use devices like heaters and blowers, which can be helpful in keeping the body warm. But do you know that excessive use of these devices that give artificial heat to the body can cause serious problems for you? According to health experts, coming in direct contact with hot air coming out of heaters and blowers can damage the skin and eyes.

The air from the heater reduces the amount of moisture present in the air around you. Due to this, the air becomes dry, which can cause problems like dryness and itching of the skin. Apart from this, the air coming out of it can also affect the moisture of the eyes, due to which people may have dry eyes and other problems related to it.

Let us know about this in detail further.

The problem of dry eyes increases in winter

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Senior Ophthalmologist Dr. Meghna Sahai says, one of the reasons for increasing the problem of dry eyes in the winter season can also be direct contact with the hot air coming out of the equipment. The air coming out of the car heater, in particular, makes the environment dry, which can further aggravate the problems of such people. Ignoring such a problem can also have many long-term side effects.

In dry eyes, there is itching and redness in the eyes.

Dry eyes occur when the eyes either do not produce enough tears or there is a lack of quality tears to lubricate the eyes. In this condition, there may be redness, itching or burning in the eyes.

How to avoid such problems

Health experts say that side effects can be avoided by keeping some things in mind while using appliances like heaters. Keep in mind that the hot air should not come in direct contact with the body, especially the eyes. Keep practicing blinking the eyelids again and again. By doing this, the smoothness of the eyes remains.

Also wearing glasses to protect the eyes. Keep the body hydrated to avoid other side effects. Drinking plenty of water is essential for keeping your whole body healthy including your eyes.

What to do if you see the symptoms of dry eyes?

If there is a problem of dry eyes, keep the eyes clean and contact a good eye doctor. This problem can be cured with the help of eye drops on the advice of a doctor. Blinking exercises, proper nutrition and timely help of medicines can be of particular benefit to remove dryness of the eyes.


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