Note: Dehydration in winter can increase kidney problems, do you also drink less water?

Dehydration means that the condition of lack of water in the body can have many side effects. Usually in the summer season, when the body sweats more in the hot sun and in the heat of the sun, and in this proportion we drink less water, then the risk of dehydration is highest. But do you know that there can be a lack of water in the body even in this winter season?

Health experts say that in winter, people usually reduce water intake, due to which there can be a problem of dehydration. In cold weather, the thirst response also decreases, although the body’s need for water remains the same as before. This condition can cause a variety of complications.

Health experts say, all people need to drink 3-4 liters of water daily in every season, it is important to take care of this quantity even in the winter season. Let us know what kind of problems can be at risk due to dehydration in cold weather?

dehydration in winter

A study from the University of New Hampshire found that dehydration can be a problem in the colder months, a condition just as harmful as dehydration in the summer. In low temperatures, the body also has to work harder under the weight of heavy clothing. Sweat evaporates quickly in cool, dry air. Apart from this, some conditions can also cause dehydration in cold, in which there is excessive consumption of coffee and tea. Coffee is considered a diuretic, due to which there may be a risk of dehydration in the body.

Dehydration can cause such problems

Like dehydration in summer, cold weather dehydration can be problematic in many ways. It is necessary to identify its symptoms in time. Conditions such as increased thirst, frequent dry mouth, dry skin, fatigue and dizziness may indicate that your body is dehydrated.

Due to lack of water in the body, in some situations, it can also cause serious diseases like fever, muscle cramps, hardening of the skin, etc.

Dehydration can have serious side effects

People with diabetes and other chronic conditions are often advised by doctors to drink water. Prolonged or repeated dehydration can lead to urinary tract infections (UTIs), kidney stones and even kidney failure. Apart from this, there is a high risk of low blood pressure in the event of dehydration, which is considered a serious problem.

Take care of hydration in winter

It is important to stay hydrated even during cold weather. Along with drinking water, you can avoid problems by taking care of some other things.

  • Keep drinking small amounts of water. Taking care of hydration becomes even more important after physical exercise.
  • Make a list of when you need to drink water and keep drinking small amounts of water.
  • Consume fruits and vegetables, due to which the body gets water along with nutrients.
  • Consume coffee-tea in limited quantity, as it can cause dehydration.


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