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Not one but four variants of Corona are causing havoc in China, will they affect India too?

Corona in China: Corona cases are increasing in China due to not one but four variants. There are only 15 percent cases of BF.7 variants in China. Other cases are of the other three variants, which are highly contagious.

After China, the cases of Kovid are increasing rapidly in Japan, South Korea and America as well.

Coronavirus: Corona in China The cases are increasing every day. Hundreds of people are dying everyday. There is a shortage of medicines in many areas. Till now it was believed that the reason for the increasing cases of corona in China omicron’s bf.7 variant But in the meantime, the chairman of the Kovid Working Group of NTAGI of the country Dr. NK Arora Has said that due to not one but four variants in China, the cases of corona are increasing. There are 15 percent cases of BF.7 variants in China. 50 percent of cases are of BN and BQ variant series, while about 15 percent of SVV variants can also be infected.

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In such a situation, the question arises that how dangerous are these four variants and can they pose a threat to India as well? To know this, we have talked to epidemiologists.

Safdarjung Hospital Chairman of the Department of Community Medicine Professor Jugal Kishore WHO says that it was feared from the beginning that there could be other variants of Kovid in China. Because so many cases do not increase with only one variant. Dr. Kishore told that the virus keeps on mutating continuously and these three variants have come there only after the mutation in all the variants of Omicron. Although none of these variants are new. These are all old strains. Since in China at this time full attention is engaged in the treatment of patients. In such a situation, genome sequencing is decreasing there, due to which the mutations occurring in the virus and other strains are not being detected, but there is no doubt that many variants of Kovid can be present in China.

Will India be at risk from these variants?

Dr. Kishore says that SVV and VN and VQ are all strains of the Omicron family. None of these variants is such that has not been seen before anywhere else. That’s why there is no need to panic with these variants in India. Omicron and its many variants are available here since last one year. Immunity exists against this variant in people. It may also happen that many new sub-variants of Omicron have also come, but they can be detected only through genome sequencing and it is not possible to sequence all the samples.

Dr. Kishore says that until a new variant of Corona comes. Till then there is no danger in India. However, it is necessary that people should be cautious about Kovid and follow all the rules to prevent the disease.

There can be many variants in one area

Dr. Ajit Kumar of Rajiv Gandhi Hospital says that more than one variant of corona can be in circulation in any country or region. It also happens that some people are getting infected by one variant and others are getting positive from the other variant. Even after the introduction of Omicron variant in India, cases of delta variant are coming to the fore. That is, many strains can remain active at a time, but this does not mean that all of them will prove to be dangerous.

Dr Kumar says that BN and XVV series variants have already been reported in India. It is possible that people have also been infected by them, but for this genome sequencing needs to be done on a large scale. According to Dr., at present there is no possibility of any danger from these variants in India.

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