New threat: Sudden increase in respiratory patients in the last one month, mostly admitted in ICU, the reason for this is shocking

Amid rising risks of corona globally, there is news of an increase of 30 per cent in cases of respiratory patients in India at the beginning of the new year itself. According to information, the number of respiratory patients has increased by at least 30 percent in the first 7 days of this year. Some of them have also been admitted to ICU due to low blood oxygen level and difficulty in breathing. Although it is not due to Kovid, but the increased pollution has been cited as the main reason for this.

In a recent report, experts from Fortis Memorial Research Institute pointed out that due to cold weather and rising pollution levels, the number of respiratory patients is also increasing in hospitals. The condition of many of these patients is also very serious, in which they are in need of immediate medical attention or ICU.

Doctors say that in the midst of already increased pollution, this cold weather is proving to be a lot of complications for respiratory patients, due to which the risk has increased. People who have breathing problems, they need to be careful these days.

Respiratory patients increased in ICU

Dr. Manoj Goyal, Director of Pulmonology at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, said in a media report that over the past few days, hospitals have seen an increase in cases of serious complications in people suffering from chronic respiratory disease. There is a sharp increase in the number of patients being reported for bronchitis, chest infections, pneumonia, asthma and COPD.

With the continuing problem in the Air Quality Index (AQI) since Diwali and now with this cold weather, the risk of these respiratory problems has increased than before.

Respiratory problems increase due to pollution

Air pollution is known to be a major risk factor for respiratory problems, it is also an aggravating condition for complications. Research suggests that prolonged exposure to air pollution increases the risk of problems related to the airways and lungs. Apart from this, the harmful chemicals present in the polluted air can trigger the already existing respiratory problems. For example, there is a risk of worsening of symptoms of asthma and bronchitis due to exposure to pollution.

In conversation with Amar Ujala at a private hospital in Pune Dr. Zeeshan Khan of the Department of Pulmonology It is said that with the worsening of AQI every year, the number of respiratory patients in hospitals increases.

cold weather increases the risk

Dr. Zeeshan says, pollution has been a challenge for many metros for a long time, as well as cold weather is known to increase the problems for people suffering from respiratory problems. As the air naturally becomes drier during cold weather, it can cause difficulty breathing and lung irritation, along with narrowing of the airways.

Cold air can also disrupt the layer of moisture in our lower airways. These are some of the adverse conditions due to which the problems for the respiratory patients increase.

It is very important to take preventive measures

Dr. Zeeshan says, since both cold and pollution are being seen more these days, these conditions are definitely going to increase the problems for respiratory patients. Surprisingly, in the last few months, we have also seen an increase in the number of new respiratory patients. Shortness of breath is considered an emergency, so everyone should take preventive measures.

People who already have breathing problems, they should keep taking the medicines prescribed by the doctor on time. Apart from this, take care of ventilation in the room to reduce indoor pollution. As soon as the problem of asthma, bronchitis is triggered, take the inhaler immediately and contact the doctor. All healthy people must also take preventive measures against pollution, especially indoor pollution.


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