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New Covid Variants: Outbreak of BA.5.2 along with BF.7 in China, researchers worry – even those with booster dose are not safe from this

China has been the victim of a severe outbreak of the Corona epidemic for more than a month. According to media reports, not only are the cases of infected people increasing rapidly here, but also a huge increase in the death rate due to corona is also being seen. Till now mainly to increase the infection here Omicron sub-variant BF.7 was considered dominant, although World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday In its recent report, the outbreak of the new sub-variant BA.5.2 is also being seen in some cities. Continuous mutations happening in Omicron Expressing concern about the WHO has alerted all the countries.

In recent reports, the BA.5.2 variant, which is being seen as a threat to increase infection in China, is actually being seen in China since July 2022. Its cases are increasing again these days. BA.5.2 has been classified by health experts as a variant of concern.

In early studies, it was found to rapidly increase infection, evading immunity to the vaccine. Let us know in further detail about this variant of Corona.

This variant is in China from July 2022

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in china First time July 4, 2022 The first case of the Omicron sub-variant BA.5.2 was reported in the city of Beijing. Infection with this new sub-variant was confirmed in a 49-year-old man who had returned from the US. During the investigation, officials found that the infected person had received two initial doses of the Moderna mRNA vaccine in the US as well as its booster shot.

The researchers had expressed concern that even those with booster doses are not safe from this sub-variant.

The nature of the BA.5.2 variant raises concerns

In studies of the BA.5.2 variant, researchers classified it as a ‘variant of concern’ in many cases. Its first case study in China found that the infected had taken a booster dose of the vaccine on May 26, 2022, within two months of which the infection was confirmed. On this basis, scientists had concluded that this variant has the ability to easily dodge the immunity created by the booster vaccine.

During the study, scientists had detected the T29678C mutation in this variant, which makes it highly contagious in nature.

Variant with high ability to evade immunity

The researchers found during the genome study that the Omicron sub-variant BA.5.2 may be able to evade immunity more easily than the sub-variants BA.1, BA.2, and BA.2.12.1 with earlier mutations Is. According to the July 2022 report, before its cases increased in China, its outbreak was also seen in many parts of America.

The team of scientists had expressed concern that at present all countries need to continue monitoring the prevalence of this new sub-variant, as it has the potential to rapidly infect large populations.

Deteriorating situation in China is a cause of global concern

Expressing concern about the worsening situation in China due to BA.5.2 variants with BF.7, the WHO said on Wednesday, China is not giving correct data about the status of corona infection and the number of dead. The number of people admitted to hospital-ICU and death due to infection is expected to be very high here. The lack of an idea of ​​the real situation is a cause of global concern.

At present, all countries need to increase their strictness in a protective manner. Take every case of infection seriously and ensure strict adherence to Covid Appropriate Behavior.


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