Murdered his mother, then took more than 200 selfies with the dead body; Now got 20 years sentence



Man murdered his own mum: A man who brutally murdered his own mother and took a selfie with her body has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. David Sumney, 33, living in Pennsylvania, USA, killed his 67-year-old mother Margaret Sumney in August 2019. Not only this, blood was dripping from his hands after the murder, yet he also took more than 275 photographs near the dead body.

According to the British newspaper The Mirror, the killer has been given a 20-year sentence after signing a plea. Sumney was arrested a few days after killing his mother in Pennsylvania. In fact, his mother’s debit card, necklace, bracelet and three checks were found in his belongings. He then booked a hotel room in Philadelphia after the murder and gave a set of pearls belonging to his mother to a manager.

I was looking for these things on the internet
Prosecutors also accused Summi of searching on the Internet how long does it take for a body to decompose. Along with this, he also tried to know that ‘How long do you wait for a dead body to decompose?’ Margaret’s older sister, Mary Ellen, said that her nephew should have been given the death penalty, while his other aunt, Ann, begged the judge not to ‘give him a second chance’.

Death penalty was demanded
Margaret’s niece, Margo, told the court on Thursday about the conditions inside her aunt’s house. Sumney’s half-sister Ellen said on Zoom that she felt anger and disgust at the sentence because she chose not to be present in court in person because her wish for a higher sentence was “repeatedly ignored.”

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