Most of the people do not have the right information about taking medicine, due to which it is affecting the body badly.

As of 2019, the FDA currently recommends giving only four of the 50 prescribed drugs at a specific time of day. Most doctors recommend taking the drugs either during the day or at night. There is no information about the exact time of consumption of medicines.

Disadvantages of not taking medicines at the right time

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The time you sleep, wake up and exercise or eat can significantly affect your health. For example, eating late at night can lead to weight gain. Because food is consumed during the day for activities, consuming food at night leads to fat gain as the body remains in a state of rest at night. In such a situation, there is difficulty in digesting food. some people to stay healthy prescription drugs even do. medicine The body’s response to K may vary.

It depends on whether it is taken during the day or at night. When doctors prescribe medicine for people, they rarely tell the best time to take it. There can be two reasons for this. First, many physicians are not aware that some medications work better during a specific time of day. And second, most drugs have not been studied for possible different effects during the 24-hour cycle. This is the reason why doctors say that this medicine is to be taken in the morning and it is to be taken at night, but never tells the exact time.

Which medicine should be taken at what time

In our recently published research, we found that taking the drug at a particular time in the night can increase the risk of heart damage. For example, more than 50 years ago, researchers found that the drug simvastatin is more effective at lowering triglyceride and cholesterol levels when it is taken at night than during the day. This is because the liver enzymes of these medicines are more active at night. As a result, the Food and Drug Administration recommends taking simvastatin in the evening.

Similarly, research in the 1990s showed that the effectiveness of chemotherapy could be increased by the time of day. This is because cancer cells divide at different rates during the day. The rate at which the body metabolizes drugs also varies within a 24-hour cycle. Other examples include the over-the-counter acid reflux medication omeprazole and blood pressure medications that work best when taken before bedtime or in the evening, respectively.

Taking medicines at the wrong time can also cause harm.

Midazolam, the most common drug used in surgical procedures around the world, can damage the internal arteries that protect the heart at night. Currently, there are no guidelines regarding when midazolam should be given. analyzed data from 50 medical institutions for the incidence of heart damage during surgical procedures from 2014 to 2019, found that taking midazolam during overnight surgery could more than triple the risk of heart damage in healthy patients.

No correct information about when to give medicines

As of 2019, the FDA currently has recommendations for only four of the 50 prescribed drugs to be given at a specific time of day. I believe that keeping the timing of the medicine in mind can help make the treatment more effective and help more people around the world.

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