Medicines for these diseases including cancer were made cheaper by 40%, know what are the new prices

NPPA has reduced the price of medicines. Apart from cancer, they also include medicine to reduce uric acid in the blood, medicine for malaria and medicine for fever, paracetamol.

cancer is very dangerous

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Worldwide cancer cases are increasing every year. in non-communicable diseases cancer Most of the deaths occur from Every sixth death in the world is due to this. To give some relief to the people, the government has reduced the prices of medicines used in the treatment of many diseases including cancer by up to 40 percent. Under this, the maximum price of 119 medicines coming in the list of essential medicines has been fixed. Due to this, the cost of many diseases including cancer, fever, diabetes has been reduced by 40 percent.

NPPA has reduced the price of medicines. They also include medicine to reduce uric acid in the blood, medicine for malaria, medicine for fever, paracetamol. Apart from these, the use of medicines for diabetes, blood thinners, and all medicines that reduce the speed of cancer has been curtailed.

The prices of these medicines have been reduced by up to 40 percent.

(Drug rates are in Rs.)

Name of medicine new rates

Allopurinol -5.02

Tamozolomise – 393


Clarithromycin – 34

Letrozole -26.15

Heparin – 18

Fluconazole -26.5

Cefixime – 19.7

Metformin – 3.11

Paracetamol -1.78

Hydroxychloroquine -12.31

Cancer cases are increasing every year

Cancer cases are increasing every year all over the world. In India too, 13 lakh new cases of cancer are coming every year. It is a matter of concern that now even at a young age people are falling prey to this disease. Even before the age of 50, cases of breast cancer, prostate cancer and oral cancer are coming to the fore. Most cases of breast cancer and cervical cancer are being seen in women. Doctors say that due to wrong eating habits and poor lifestyle, the cases of this disease are increasing rapidly. Many cases are coming to the fore in the age group of 25 to 40 years.

Diabetes is also becoming a big problem

Diabetes is also taking the form of an epidemic in India. Every year the cases of this disease are increasing. Type-2 diabetes is also being seen in children. The World Health Organization estimates that by 2025, there could be an increase of up to 12 percent in diabetes patients in India. At present, about 77 million people in the country are suffering from this disease. Of these, about 13 million are below 65 years of age. There are also a large number of children among them. This disease is also increasing due to poor lifestyle and wrong eating habits.

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