Kovid: Antibodies ending in a few months, can the risk of infection increase again?

Covid19: Corona virus cases are increasing in countries like China, America and Japan. Although the situation in India is under control. The covid positivity rate is not more than 2 percent in any state of the country.

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Covid and antibodies: in many countries of the world Corona Cases are increasing, although the situation in India is under control due to Covid and there is no significant increase in new cases or positivity rate in any state. A major reason for the non-increasing of corona cases in India is people against infection antibodies And herd immunity But a top American scientist has said that many experts are claiming to have herd immunity, but still, in many countries of the world, the cases of Kovid increase after every few months. This tells us that Kovid is not over yet.

Tweeting on his official handle, health economist Eric has written that antibodies are formed in the body against Kovid but decrease over time. In such a situation, it is necessary that not much attention should be paid to antibodies, but adequate steps should be taken to prevent the virus continuously. Because there is continuous mutation in the virus. Even if people have antibodies made against the alpha or older variants, can they protect against the XBB 1.5 variant? Perhaps no one has the answer to this.

Cases are increasing in many countries of the world

Aerin has also released a data on the status of cases of Kovid in some countries till 31 December 2022 and 3 January 2023.

1. The percentage of people positive for coronavirus decreased in England and Wales, but continued to increase in Scotland.

2. In England, the estimated number of Covid positive people has decreased by about five per cent. At the same time, new cases in Wales have also decreased by about 6 percent.

3. In Scotland, the number of COVID-19 positive people has increased by almost five per cent in the last one week. While some time ago a decrease in new cases was also seen in Scotland.

These data show that even though the cases of corona have decreased in England and Wales, they are increasing in Scotland. This shows that at the same time the graph of Kovid is decreasing and increasing in the surrounding areas as well. This shows that the infection is still spreading and it is increasing the number of new cases.

antibodies don’t last long

Antibodies do not stay in the body for a long time. It starts reducing with time. There is a risk of re-infection after the antibody level decreases. In such a situation, it is necessary that when the cases of the virus are reduced, do not think that Kovid is over. There is always a possibility of its new wave coming, so it is important that all steps are taken to prevent the virus.

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