Kidney disease can be caused by drinking less water in winter, know the methods of prevention from experts

Kidney disease: Doctors say that people drink less water during the winter season, which can affect kidney function. Due to which many serious diseases can also occur.

what are the causes of kidney failure

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Kidney diseases in winters: in this winter season kidney diseases There is a danger of increasing. due to drinking less water urine Also comes less. In some people, there is also a decrease in urine flow, due to which urine stops in the bladder many times. nocturnal urination UTI infection The danger of In such a situation, if a person already has any disease related to kidney, then he should take special care.

Associate Director, Department of Nephrology at Max Hospital, Patparganj Dr Varun Verma It is said that in this season people drink less water, due to which kidney function can be affected. In such a situation, it is necessary that every person should drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water in a day. This keeps urine flow good and toxins keep coming out of the body.

People who have ever had the problem of kidney stones, they should also take care of themselves in this season. This is because consuming small amounts of liquid Parath can lead to the formation of stones again. Hence it is advised to ensure good urine flow by drinking at least 3 liters of water daily. Drink a small amount of water even before sleeping at night.

According to Dr. Varun, the patients who urinary outflow obstruction And they have problem of intra renal stone at this time pyelonephritis There is a danger of happening. This is a serious disease in which sometimes surgery is required.

Kidney can also fail

According to Dr. Verma, many people do not pay attention to UTI infection, but if it is not treated, then many times UTI infection starts spoiling the kidney as well. If this disease continues for a long time, then there may be a chance of kidney failure. That’s why if there is a problem in passing urine. If the color of urine is changing, then advice should be taken from the doctors.

Take care of BP too

According to the doctor, problems related to blood pressure can also occur in cold weather. Therefore it is suggested that people suffering from high BP should check their BP closely. People who have kidney disease need to take special care of this.

Recommends patients suffering from uncontrolled blood pressure to check their blood pressure in the morning after getting out of bed and every night before going to bed. It is also suggested that they should remain alone in the room before checking blood pressure, should not drink tea or coffee and should urinate just before checking blood pressure. If BP is coming more or less, then in this case doctors should be consulted immediately.

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