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Is the graph of Corona increasing in the country? Know the current situation with the help of these figures

Corona cases in India: The situation is normal with Corona in India. However, experts say that people should be cautious about Kovid and should not do any kind of negligence.

States are getting alert about Corona

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Corona in India: Worldwide corona virus The cases are increasing rapidly. The situation in China and Japan seems out of control. Meanwhile, India is also on alert. The government has advised people to protect themselves from Covid. Although at the moment covid in india There is no increase in the graph of The situation is normal in most of the states.Ministry of Health According to, no new case of corona has been reported in 500 districts of the country in the last week. The weekly positivity rate from Covid in 500 districts is 0 percent. The number of active cases is also decreasing in many states.

According to the ministry, reports of daily cases and positivity rates of corona have been received from districts of all states, data from states between December 24 and 30 have shown that there are more than 500 districts where no case of Kovid has been reported in the last week. No new case has come. Reports have been received from some 661 districts, in which no increase in the corona graph has been seen in more than 500 districts. Which is a relief. Although people are advised to be cautious about Corona and do not do any kind of negligence.

People advised to get booster dose

Out of the total eligible population of the country, so far about 30 percent people have taken the booster dose of Corona. The government is appealing to the people to get the third dose. Booster dose was free till a few months ago, but now one has to pay for it. Through the Co-Win app, people can book slots for booster doses. Corona’s nasal vaccine has also been allowed in the country. It is expected that after January 26, people will be able to get the nasal vaccine.

There is no possibility of any dangerous wave in India

Epidemiologist Dr. Jugal Kishore says that there is no fear of a dangerous wave of corona in India. There is nothing to panic about any of the sub-variants of Omicron here. People have antibodies against Kovid and the lethality of the virus has also reduced, although people still need to be careful because mutations are happening continuously in the Kovid virus. In such a situation, a new variant can also come. That’s why carelessness should not be done. People are advised to avoid going to crowded areas and get vaccinated with booster dose.

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