Imran Khan sold the gold medal he got as a gift, it was a gift from India



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Imran Khan

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is not having good days these days. On one hand, where he was attacked, the current government and its ministers started targeting Imran. Many allegations are being leveled against him. In this sequence, Imran Khan has again come into the limelight regarding another allegation.

In fact, Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khwaja Asif has claimed that former Prime Minister Imran Khan sold the gold medal he received from India. This medal was received by Imran Khan when he used to be a part of the Pakistan cricket team. He got the gold medal in India for his best performance. Pakistan’s Defense Minister told that he was told in a program that the PTI chairman had sold the gold medal he had received from India.

Imran Khan

Image Source : FILE

Imran Khan

Even before this, there has been an allegation of selling gifts.

However, this is not the first time that Imran Khan has been accused of selling gifts. Earlier, he has also been accused of selling an expensive wrist watch that he had received as a gift. According to Pakistani media reports, recently a famous businessman told that he bought a watch from Imran Khan’s wife’s friend at a very cheap price. This stand was given to Imran Khan by the Saudi Crown Prince.

keep two precious diamonds with you

According to a Pakistani media report, Imran Khan received 89 gifts collectively worth millions of dollars during his tenure as prime minister. Of these, he kept 43 with him without any payment. As per reports, the former PM had received two priceless diamond rings from the Arab country as a gift. The rings cost Rs 0.23 million and Khan paid only 50 per cent of the discounted price for them, i.e. Rs 0.15 million. The former prime minister paid Rs 40,500 for one ring and Rs 74,700 for the other.

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