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Important to know: Thinking of being a vegetarian, you are not eating these things, you can identify with these codes

Are you also a vegetarian and are very selective about your food items? But knowingly or unknowingly, are you also not eating such things in which some elements are non-veg i.e. animal based? People following a vegan diet need to be more alert about the selection of food items. People following a vegan diet avoid eating meat and animal-by-products. These include things like meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, and honey.

Dieticians say that people following this type of diet often knowingly or unknowingly consume many such packaged food items, which may contain animal-based proteins or some non-veg ingredients.

Let us know how it can be identified and what things should vegetarian/vegan people avoid eating?

Can be identified by these codes

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Many foods may contain animal-derived ingredients or additives that most people are not aware of. Knowingly or unknowingly people who follow vegetarian/vegan also consume them. To avoid such things, it can be helpful to keep some food codes in mind. Many food additives, derived from animal products, may have such codes on the package as E120, E322, E422, E 471, E542, E631, E901, and E904. These codes can mean any animal-based or non-vegan ingredients in such foods.

Potato Chips

Although potato chips are made from potatoes, you need to be careful about some brands of flavored chips. Powdered cheese is added to some chips to add flavor. These may contain some dairy ingredients such as casein. Casein is considered by nutritionists as a protein or animal-derived enzyme that should be avoided by those on a vegan diet. Do read the information given on the pack about these enzymes.

some kind of dark chocolate

Dark chocolates are usually vegetarian. However, some varieties may contain animal-derived products. Some types of dark chocolate contain milk fat, milk solids, butter, or even non-fat milk powder, which vegans typically avoid. Vegetarian people can consume it, but those who follow vegan diet should avoid it.


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Things to Avoid as a Vegan

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