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Important to know: Not only lack of exercise or eating more sweets, these habits also increase weight

Overweight- Obesity is one of the biggest problems of the present time. According to statistics, more than 650 million (65 crore) people worldwide are obese. Experts consider this growing danger in children and adults to be quite dangerous. As the problem of obesity continues to increase globally, health experts are concerned that the next epidemic of obesity-related problems may come.

Physical inactivity and dietary disturbances are considered by health experts as one of the major reasons for increasing obesity. Health experts say that from an early age, people should pay attention to this danger and keep using preventive measures, otherwise it can be a cause of great danger in the coming times.

Health experts say, it is generally believed that lack of exercise and consuming more carbs-sugary things increase your risk of obesity. These reasons are definitely worrying but apart from this there are some habits which increase the risk of obesity in you. Generally, most people are not even aware of this. Let us know about some such reasons which researchers have found to increase the risk of obesity. Everyone should be careful about this.

What do researchers say?

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Studies conducted to find out the increased risk of obesity found that not drinking enough water and consuming more salt can also be a reason for this risk. High salt intake is generally associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure, although excess salt can also lead to other serious health problems, including obesity. Not only this, excessive intake of salt can also lead to dehydration in the body, for which many side effects have been seen.

Growing problem due to excess stress

studies Research has found a link between mental health disorders and obesity, even if you take more stress you may be at risk of obesity. In the event of stress, the level of cortisol hormone increases in the body. This hormone can increase the risk of obesity by affecting metabolism. Apart from this, the increase of cortisol hormone also increases the craving for sweet, fatty and salty foods, excessive consumption of these things is considered to increase obesity.

increasing screen time is dangerous

research It shows that if most of your time is spent in front of mobile-computer or TV screen, then this situation is also considered to increase the risk of obesity in you. Increased screen time naturally increases physical inactivity. Physical inactivity is known to increase obesity. Increasing screen time is mainly being considered as the main factor for the problem of increasing obesity in children. Avoid spending more time on gadgets.

Lack of sleep increases the risk

Health experts advise all people to complete sleep daily to keep the body healthy, if for some reason your sleep is not complete, then this condition can increase the risk of many types of health problems. lack of sleep Obesity is associated with decreased levels of growth hormone and increased cortisol, both of which increase the risk of obesity. Getting enough sleep is very important to keep the body healthy.


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