Important to know: Does onion juice really help in new hair growth? Know what the studies found about this

The problem of hair growth is becoming quite common among the youth. One out of every five youth is troubled by rapid hair loss, baldness at a young age, for which lifestyle disturbances, dietary problems and excessive use of chemical-rich products are being seen as the main reasons. Can this problem be avoided? People keep suggesting many home remedies to prevent hair fall and promote new hair growth, applying onion juice to hair is one such popular remedy, but does it really benefit? What backs up this remedy in medical science?

It has been claimed that onions contain many compounds and nutrients that our hair needs on a regular basis for proper nutrition. In such a situation, if onion juice is applied to the hair, it nourishes the hair, reduces their breakage, and not only this, this remedy can also be helpful for you in developing new hair.

Let us know what was found in the studies related to this?

benefits of onion juice for hair

Researchers found that onion juice can help prevent hair loss in several ways. Onion contains high amount of sulfur which is required for hair nourishment. Sulfur is found in amino acids, which are components of proteins. Protein, especially keratin, is an essential element for strengthening hair and for growing new hair. In this case, if onion juice is used, it can help in keeping the hair healthy.

What did the studies find?

To know how beneficial onion juice is for hair, a team of researchers study Did. In this, a group of people were given to apply onion juice on their head daily. In the conclusion of this research, it has been found that the growth and strength of hair was seen more in those who applied onion juice. Its benefits have been seen in both men and women. Although this study is more than a decade old, more detailed research is needed on this topic. The nutrients present in onions have been found to be helpful in hair growth.

What do experts say?

In a conversation with Amar Ujala, dermatologist Dr. Shankila Mittal says, onion has been used for years to prevent hair fall and to nourish it. Studies have also found onion juice to be effective in treating hair loss, especially in alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition characterized by the sudden onset of hair loss in round patches from the beard, mustache or scalp areas. Onion juice is helpful in promoting regrowth of hair.

Although not everyone’s skin is the same, if your hair is falling, then definitely take the advice of an expert in this regard. Such home remedies should be used according to their advice.

What to do to keep hair healthy?

Health experts say, applying onion juice can be beneficial to keep hair healthy and prevent breakage, but with this you also need treatment and medicines based on medical advice. Keeping the diet healthy is very important to keep the hair healthy. Things rich in vitamins, proteins make the hair strong. Researchers found that making a habit of regular yoga-exercise to keep hair healthy can also be of special benefit to you.


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