How to know whether you have immunity against Covid or not?

Coronavirus and immunity: There are two types of antibodies. First IgM and second IgG. IgM antibodies are formed at the initial stage after the infection enters the body.

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Coronavirus: wherever in the world Corona cases When they start growing, one word always comes in the discussion. whose name is immunity, Experts often say that people who have immunity against Covid are not at risk from this virus. When collective immunity is formed against a virus or disease, it is called herd immunity, but what is it and how can you find out whether you have immunity against Covid or not? To know this, we have talked to experts.

Professor Dr. Jugal Kishore, HOD of the Community Medicine Department of Safdarjung Hospital, says that many types of immunity are present inside our body. It is present in our body from the time of birth. Many times it is made in the body even after the arrival of some disease. The job of immunity is to identify dangerous bacteria or viruses and eliminate them. Its functioning depends on the cells, tissues and proteins present in the body.

White blood cells present in the body also act as protection in a way. These attackers identify viruses or bacteria and eliminate them. The better the immunity, the better the body can fight against any disease. Whenever there is a fever in our body, it means that some virus or bacteria has entered the body, which is being faced by the immune system.

In many cases, the immunity made for a virus or disease remains in the body for several months, but when there is no attack of that disease, this immunity becomes cellular. In such a situation, if the disease comes back after a long time, then the body recognizes it and destroys it, but this does not happen in the case of auto immune disorder and AIDS.

Now talking about Kovid, in the case of coronavirus, many times innate immunity also does not work in a better way. This happens because this virus keeps on mutating and dodges the immunity. This is the reason why Covid has more effect on the elderly and people suffering from any disease.

How to know whether there is immunity against covid or not

Dr. Kishore says that the easiest way to find out is the antibody test. There are two types of antibodies. First IgM and second IgG. After the infection enters the body, IgM antibodies are formed at the initial stage itself. On the other hand, the antibody that remains in the body for a long time is called IgG antibody. Since Kovid, most of the labs have the facility to conduct antibody test. It is also called sero test. From this it is known whether there is antibody against Kovid in the body or not. If sero are positive then it means that antibody is present, but its level should also be seen. Too many antibodies can also be dangerous.

If there is antibody in the body, it means that the risk of corona is less, but it does not happen that the person will not get infected again. That’s why even if there is antibody, one should protect against corona.

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