How to know if your water has fluoride or not? drinking which people are getting sick

Fluorosis diseases: Fluorosis disease occurs due to excessive fluoride in water. This disease damages the bones of the body.

The amount of fluoride in hand pump water may be high.

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Side effects of fluoride in water: in Agra fluoride Many people have become ill after drinking contaminated water. The amount of fluoride is also very high in the water of many other areas of the country, but people do not have any information about it. Today we will tell you how you can check the amount of fluoride in water. so that you have time fluorosis disease be able to protect against

By the way, many tests are done to check the amount of fluoride in the water, which is done by taking a sample of water from the place of water treatment plant, although it can also be identified at home. For this, take drinking water in a glass, if its color is light yellow, then it is a sign that the water is not clean. Constipation, non-quenching of thirst and gas in the stomach are caused by drinking fluoride-rich water. If you are facing all these problems, then it means that the amount of fluoride in the water is very high. Water testing kit is also available to check this. This kit is available from PHE department in rural areas.

These people are more prone to fluorosis

Senior Physician Dr. Ajay Kumar says that people living in rural areas are more prone to fluorosis. This is because in many villages people drink water from hand pumps and wells. This water is not filtered. Whereas, water is tested in water treatment plants in urban areas and hazardous substances are removed from it. RO is also installed in people’s homes in urban areas, due to which the water becomes clean.

no disease information

Dr. Kumar says that people are not aware of fluorosis disease. Often people consider the symptoms of this disease to be a problem of arthritis, whereas it is not so. People who live in rural areas must be aware of this disease. People are advised that if their teeth are turning yellow without any reason. If there is a complaint of constipation or if there is pain in the bones, then consult a doctor and get the fluorosis test done.

follow this diet

In areas where the amount of fluoride in the water is high, people should include amla, orange and grapes in the diet. This can prevent the disease of fluorosis.

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