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How To Increase Height: How to increase height after the age of 16? Learn natural ways to increase height

How To Increase Height Naturally At Home: Parents are often worried about the height of the children. The height of some children increases very quickly, while many children look small according to their age. Children look smaller than their friends due to short stature. Due to low height, there is also a decrease in the self-confidence of the child. Many factors are responsible for increasing the height. There is 60 to 80 percent genetic factor in increasing height, which people cannot control. However, the height of the child can be increased through many other factors. According to experts, till the age of 18, the child’s height increases at the rate of four percent. After this age, the length increases slowly or the height stops growing. At the age of 15, both the parents and the child start getting worried due to slow or slow growth of many children. Parents try many ways to increase height. From good diet, medicines to Ayurvedic remedies. Let us know the natural ways to increase the height of the child after the age of 16 years.


Healthy diet is the most important thing for the development of the body. Good nutritious breakfast or meal helps in physical development. Make a balanced diet plan, which is high in vitamins and minerals. Include milk, fruits, fresh green vegetables, meat and food items rich in carbs in the diet. This type of food strengthens the immunity as well as helps in the growth of the body.

yoga practice

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Regular practice of yogasanas is beneficial for increasing height. Yoga practice makes blood circulation smoothly in the body. This makes the body healthy and the muscles strong. There is tension in the bones. To increase the height, the child should regularly practice Tadasan, Virabhadrasan, Bhujangasan etc. Yogasanas.


Parents are often made to do hanging exercises to increase height. This natural method is also effective to increase height. Get children to do regular hanging exercises from the age of 14-15 years. This type of exercise strengthens the muscles of the back, and reduces the compression of the spinal cord. To increase height, children should do cycling, jump rope and do toe touching exercises.

Good sleep

Good and uninterrupted sleep is essential for the growth and health of the body. Physical development also stops due to lack of sleep. The body releases human growth hormone while sleeping, but when you do not get enough sleep, the hormone is not released. Due to which the growth of children stops. For proper development, it is necessary to take 8 hours of sleep.


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