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How to avoid heart attack in winter? Expert told these 10 ways

Heart attack in Winters: Doctors tell that the risk of heart attack is highest in the morning in winters. This happens because of the decrease in temperature.

increased risk of heart attack

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Tips to prevent heart attack: The torture of winter continues in many states of the country. The mercury is falling up to 1 degree in Kuth areas. the ever-increasing temperature heart attack Also increasing the risk of Doctors say that the longer the winter, the higher the risk of getting an attack. People who are suffering from obesity, diabetes and cholesterol problem are more prone to heart attack. But there are some ways by which you can protect yourself from heart diseases in this season.

Come let’s know from experts how heart attack can be prevented in this season.

Department of Cardiology at Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi Dr. Deepak Suman It is said that the risk of heart attack is very high in this season. This is because the veins of the heart start shrinking due to cold. Blood flow also increases a lot to keep it right. There is a risk of heart attack due to high BP. If a person has pain in the chest, difficulty in breathing, pain in the back and left arm and swelling in the feet, then these can be symptoms of a heart attack. In this case, you should go to the hospital immediately.

Avoid heart attack in these 10 ways

  • Keep the body warm and avoid getting burnt while walking in the morning.
  • People who have recently got Kovid infection, they should get all their heart tests done.
  • Minimize fat and cholesterol in the diet
  • don’t eat salt
  • Avoid drinking too much water after getting up in the morning
  • Consume dry fruits in diet
  • Increase the amount of fiber in the diet
  • If you are already a heart patient, take your medicines regularly
  • Do check BP
  • Do consume sunlight during the day

    People who have recovered from Kovid should also be alert

    Dr. Deepak explains that due to Kovid, blood clots are happening in the arteries of the heart, which is causing heart attack. In the last few months, the cases of heart attack are increasing a lot. Corona virus is also a big reason for this. That’s why people who have recovered from Covid are advised to take special care of themselves. Once you can get your lipid profile test, test CT and coronary angiography done. With the help of these tests, you will get the exact information about the condition of the heart.

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