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How should pregnant women take care of their health in winter? Know the answer from the expert

Winter pregnancy care: At this time, pregnant women should take special care of their diet. Try to include sufficient amount of protein and vitamins in the food.

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Winter pregnancy care: At present, in many areas of the country winter solstice continues. The mercury is falling up to 1 degree at night. The increasing cold also brings many problems with it. in such weather infectious diseases The risk of increasing is very high. Doctors tell that apart from children, the elderly in the cold pregnant women One should also take care of his health. This is because the immunity of women becomes weak during pregnancy, due to which they can become victims of many types of diseases. In this case, it is necessary to protect.

Let us know from the experts that what should be taken care of by pregnant women in this season.

take care of diet

gynecologist Dr Sujata Verma It is said that at this time pregnant women should take special care of their diet. Try to include sufficient amount of protein and vitamins in the food. It is also necessary to keep the amount of iron in the body right. Many times in cold weather, there is a desire to eat street food, but it should be avoided. Eating fast food can cause a lot of damage to the body. That’s why avoid junk food. Do not eat such food at all which has more oil. It can increase many diseases in the body.

Do not cover the body with too many clothes

Many times in the winter season, women keep the body covered. But wearing too much clothes can also cause a lot of damage. During this, women should wear loose clothes. Many times, covering the body with excessive clothes can greatly affect blood circulation. Due to this, women may have problems of swelling in the body during pregnancy. This can also increase BP. In such a situation, women are advised not to wear excessive clothes.

drink enough water

People drink less water in winter, but it is very important for pregnant women to keep the body hydrated. Lack of water can harm both mother and children. Try to drink at least six to seven glasses of water a day. Avoid drinking cold water and drink lukewarm water.

keep these things in mind

keep your body clean

eat seasonal vegetables

get plenty of sleep

don’t take mental stress

Do not take any medicine unnecessarily

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