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How much do you know about Smiling Depression? Know its symptoms and how to help

What is Smiling Depression: People facing smiling depression appear only happy to others, but inside they are facing sorrows.

Causes of Smiling Depression

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Depression is now becoming a common problem. Due to busy life, we are not able to think about ourselves at all. We don’t know how many such faces we see around us every day, who always laughing and smiling appear to have happened. Seeing whom once it comes to mind that wow! Life should be like this. But most of the people never get to know the reality behind those smiles. Yes, have you ever heard of smiling depression?

Many would be surprised to hear that how laughing can lead to depression. According to a report by Healthline, smiling depression is also a type of depression, due to which the person suffering from it appears happy or satisfied from outside. Surprisingly, it has not been included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

After all, what are the symptoms of Smiling Depression?

Depression affects everyone differently and can have many symptoms. Let us know its symptoms…

  • feeling down and depressed
  • loss of confidence
  • changes in appetite, weight, and sleep
  • lose interest in one’s hobby

Let us tell you that a person suffering from smiling depression can experience some or all of these, but most or all of these symptoms are not visible in public.

How to solve this problem?

According to the WHO, smiling depression shows symptoms opposite or different from classic depression, due to which it is difficult to identify or diagnose. Its diagnosis is also difficult to solve. This is because many people do not even know they are depressed or simply do not want to seek help. If you feel that someone around you is in the grip of depression, then try to help him as soon as possible. The most important thing is that it is very important to take the advice of doctors in this situation.


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