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How does the government decide the rule of applying or removing the mask, know the answer from experts

Corona and mask: Health experts say that the ban on masks is implemented only after looking at the condition of Kovid. At present, Corona is in the endemic phase in the country. That’s why strictness is not being done regarding the mask.

There are many benefits of wearing a mask

Coronavirus: China in many countries around the world including corona virus The cases are increasing. Meanwhile, India is also on alert mode. The government says that the corona virus is not over yet. Meanwhile, people are also feeling the fear that the restrictions related to Kovid may not be implemented again. In view of the danger of corona, the central government has issued an advisory, in which people were advised to wear masks and get booster doses. But the mask has not been made mandatory. That is, people can wear masks as per their wish, but there is no provision to fine those who do not wear it.

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Meanwhile, the question arises that why there is no set rule regarding the mask and on what basis the decision to remove and impose the ban on the mask is taken. To find out we health experts have interacted with.

of the Department of Critical Care at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. Professor Dr. Yudhveer Singh It is said that the essentiality of the mask depends on how the situation is due to Covid in the country. If there is no virus infection and the conditions are normal, then the restrictions related to the mask are removed. Currently, Kovid is in endemic condition in the country, so the government is not making masks mandatory. If cases increase or infection spreads in any state, then the concerned state government or the central government can take a decision in this regard.

Dr. Singh says that in view of the situation in China, one has to be alert regarding Corona. Even though the government is not making masks mandatory, people are advised to wear masks in crowded areas. Because even today the best way to protect from Covid is the mask. It reduces the chances of getting infected by the virus by 70 to 80 percent. If people will take precautions from now, then any serious danger coming in future can be easily avoided. Especially the elderly and those who have other serious diseases should not refrain from wearing masks.

Apply properly only then benefit

Rajiv Gandhi Hospital Dr. Ajit Kumar It is said that the benefit of applying a mask is only when you apply it properly. But it is seen that someone’s mask hangs below the mouth, while someone takes off the mask below the nose and talks. In such a situation, there is no use of wearing a mask. Because in this situation the virus can enter the body.

Dr. Kumar says that if the transmission of the virus increases in any area, then the compulsion of masks must be implemented, but at present the cases of Kovid are not increasing in any part of the country. Most of the people are getting flu symptoms only. In such a situation, the mask cannot be banned. At present, the situation is normal due to Covid in India, so there is no strictness regarding the mask. Although there is no harm in wearing a mask. You can wear a mask to protect yourself. Apart from Kovid, it also protects against other diseases, but it is necessary to wear the mask properly.

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