Holiday Heart Syndrome: New Year celebration should not become the cause of heart attack, know about this problem

Christmas has passed this week and now everyone is eagerly waiting for the celebration of New Year, this season of holidays and festivals. But be careful, lest any mistake made during this celebration may become a cause of big trouble for you? Health experts caution people about the risk of heart attack this holiday season.

Many people lose their lives every year due to this problem called Holiday Heart Syndrome. Holiday heart syndrome refers to heart problems that result from careless eating during festivities.

Health experts say that often during long holiday-parties, people become careless about food, which includes excessive consumption of salty foods and alcohol. Such things can abnormally increase the heart rate, which in uncontrolled condition is at risk of heart attack. The researchers found that the risk of heart attack increases by 15 percent globally due to these negligence during Christmas and New Year celebrations. Let us understand this problem of Holiday Heart Syndrome.

What is holiday heart syndrome?

Holiday heart syndrome, as the name suggests, is a condition characterized by serious heart problems that occur while on vacation. Although the problem of heart attack can happen at any time of the year, but it is usually seen during the holiday season, the consumption of alcoholic beverages and high-calorie diet in people increases significantly. Such things can cause increased heart rate, artery problems, which if not taken care of in time, can lead to heart attack and even death.

Health experts say, during festivals, all people need to be very careful about food and drink.

What do experts say?

For most people, the holidays mean plenty of food and drink, say cardiologists at the American Heart Association. A high salt-sugar diet or drinking too much alcohol can cause an irregular heartbeat, also known as atrial fibrillation (or AFib).

This type of risk has been seen to be higher in people who drink more alcohol in a shorter period of time. Since most countries have a long holiday from Christmas to New Year, cases of holiday heart syndrome have been seen more these days due to lack of attention to food and drink.

Timely recognition of symptoms of atrial fibrillation is necessary

Health experts say, atrial fibrillation can cause life-threatening problems, so it is very important to identify its symptoms in time and treat them. Rapid heartbeat, chest pain, dizziness, extreme tiredness and breathing problems should be taken care of and timely treatment should be obtained. Getting timely treatment can reduce the risk of heart attack.

Avoiding the Risks of Holiday Heart Syndrome

Avoiding Holiday Heart Syndrome is quite easy, it just requires serious attention to some things. Do not be careless about food and drink during the holidays and festivals. Consume salt-rich things only in moderation because there is a risk of increasing blood pressure. Apart from this, most of the cases of Holiday Heart Syndrome come due to excessive consumption of alcohol, it is most important to avoid it. Holidays can be enjoyed to the fullest by following healthy measures.


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