Herd immunity against Covid is present in India, so will there not be a threat from the virus here?

Experts say that the sequence of the Omicron variant in China is still unknown. However if it is Delta or Omicron then India need not panic as we have immunity against this variant

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neighboring countries of india COVID-19 in China Cases are increasing, India can also face such a situation. According to many reports, China is seeing an increase in the number of hospitalizations and deaths due to this virus. However, the country has decided that the official count will only include deaths that are directly linked to the virus, such as respiratory failure. According to the London-based Global Health Intelligence and Analytics firm, if China vaccination And booster dose Given the low rate of infection as well as the lack of hybrid immunity, if it removes its zero-covid policy, the lives of 13 to 21 lakh people may be in danger.

Looking at the situation in China, the question arises that how can it affect India? What are the guidelines that should be reimplemented to contain the pandemic?

News agency PTI reported that in view of increasing cases of Kovid in some countries like Japan, South Korea, Brazil, China and America, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya will review the status of COVID-19 today (December 21, 2022). News9 spoke to Dr. Vinita Bal, Scientist of National Institute of Immunology, to understand the need to stop this virus.

He said, “For now India has achieved herd immunity and is in a better position, but some guidelines should be brought back to prevent the increase of Covid cases in future.”

Should the guidelines be brought back?

Looking at the past trends, it is clear that international travel was one of the major reasons for the pandemic. Dr. Bal explained in detail, “The number of Covid cases in India is decreasing. Due to this, restrictions have been relaxed across the country. However, testing and travel guidelines should be resumed at airports.

He said, “An epidemic-like situation can arise again from people coming from outside countries. To stop this, RT-PCR and sequencing should be started again at the airports.

Should we take a booster dose?

The sequence of this variant in China is still unknown. However, if it is Delta or Omicron then India need not panic as we have immunity against this variant. He said, “Boosters are not a high priority for everyone right now. The current Covid vaccine Covishield and Covaxin were developed keeping in mind the original Wuhan variant. The concern is that these vaccines should be updated to prevent other variants.

Dr. Bal said, “More importantly, there was not much campaign for vaccination among children. India needs to improve that coverage as well.”

In the end, he said that the need for booster dose is more for the elderly or people with many diseases whose immunity is weak.

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