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Heart diseases: Heart health is fragile, take care of yourself with these yoga asanas, according to experts

Yoga for heart: Yoga guru Dr. Bharat Bhushan told in a conversation with Tv9 that the cases of heart attack increase significantly during the winter season. People who are already patients of heart disease are at higher risk.

Do yoga to keep heart healthy

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Yoga Tips for Healthy Heart: in India for the last few years heart disease are growing very fast. Among non-communicable diseases, most deaths after cancer are due to heart diseases. The risk of heart disease remains very high even in this winter season. heart attack The cases also increase a lot. People take many types of medicines to control heart diseases, but through yoga, cardiovascular disease and heart attack can also be prevented.

Come let’s know the causes of heart disease and methods of prevention from yoga experts.

Founder and Yoga Guru of Scientific Yoga Dr. Bharat Bhushan Told in a conversation with Tv9 that in the winter season, there is a contraction in the arteries of the heart, due to which the BP increases and heart attack occurs. In many cases, the patient dies suddenly due to a heart attack and no symptoms are visible. In such a situation, it is important that people take care of their heart health. For this, it is necessary to keep the food and lifestyle right. Along with this, there are some yoga exercises which can be used to prevent heart disease.

For this compound management is necessary first. Jal neti is an ideal practice for heart patients. But after that don’t do Bhastrika, although the practice of Kapal Bhatti is very beneficial. Dr. Bharat Bhushan explains that heart patients should do yoga asanas according to their body’s capacity. Such asanas should be done which do not make the breath fast and keep it normal.

You can do these 4 yoga asanas to keep the heart fit

wind free vajrasana



bridge seat

take care of diet

Dr. Bharat Bhushan says that heart health is good with these four yoga asanas. Along with these yoga asanas, it is also important to take care of food. Do not take junk food in food and include protein and vitamins. Practice these four yoga asanas daily. If chest pain, sudden sweating. If there is a problem of nausea, difficulty in breathing, then definitely consult a doctor. Also, keep in mind that do these yoga asanas according to the capacity of your body. If there is too much pressure on the body, leave the asana immediately and lie down in the posture of corpse.

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