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Heart attack cases are increasing in winter, know which people are more at risk and how to avoid it?

Heart attack cases: Dr. Deepak Suman, senior resident in the cardiology department of Safdarjung Hospital, says that the risk of heart attack is manifold in winters. Obesity and diabetes patients need to take special care.

The risk of heart attack is more in winter

Heart attack in winters: For the last few days in many areas of the country temperature falling continuously. The falling mercury is increasing the suffering of the people. The temperature is falling to 2 degrees at night. in the midst of this winter heart attack The cases are also increasing. In Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur city, 25 people died of heart attack and brain stroke in a single day. Doctors say that the risk of heart attack increases significantly in cold weather. People who already have heart disease need to be most careful.

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Why are the cases of heart attack increasing in winter? Who are more at risk of getting an attack and how can it be prevented?

To know the answers to many such questions, we Safdarjung Hospital Senior Resident Doctor in the Department of Cardiology at Federation of All India Medical Association (FAMA) Chief Advisor Dr. Deepak Suman have interacted with.

Dr deepak suman

(Dr. Deepak Suman, Cardiologist, Safdarjung Hospital)

Why the risk of heart attack increases in winter

Dr. Deepak Suman explains that due to excessive cold, the arteries of the heart start shrinking. Blood flow increases significantly to keep the body warm. Due to this BP starts increasing and in many cases the person gets a heart attack. Blood clots can also occur in the veins of the heart due to cold, due to which there is a risk of heart attack. People also reduce exercise in winter. Due to which BP and blood sugar level are affected. In cold weather, the risk of attack is highest in the morning.

Who are at higher risk

People who have obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and already have any heart disease, the risk of heart attack increases significantly. People who have recovered from Covid should also take special care. This is because due to Kovid, blood clots are happening in the arteries of the heart. Due to which the heart is having trouble in pumping blood. Because of this, heart function is being affected and attacks are coming. All these people need to take special precautions in this season. If these people have a heart attack, then the chances of survival are very less.

Make these lifestyle changes, the risk of heart attack will be less

(increased risk of heart attack)

Why is studying even at a young age a heart attack

Dr. Deepak says that nowadays the lifestyle of the youth has become very bad. Food is also not good. Cholesterol is increasing in the body at an early age. There are many youths who are taking steroids to make body, due to which the heart is being affected. Sometimes heart disease can also occur due to genetic reasons. Nowadays it is being seen that people of 25 years are also having heart attack. The main reason for this is not taking proper diet and bad lifestyle.

What are the symptoms whose recognition can prevent heart attack?

Heart attack or any disease does not happen suddenly. It has been growing in our body for a long time, but people do not pay attention to it and then one day the situation worsens. Same is the case with heart attack. If obesity is increasing in the body, there is a problem of diabetes. If you feel pain in the chest or if you get breathless soon, then all these are symptoms of heart disease. In this situation, a heart checkup should be done immediately.

heart attack causes

(Heart attack can come due to blood clot)

How to take care of heart health

Nowadays it is most important to take care of food and lifestyle. Do not take junk food in the diet.

Don’t drink alcohol and smoke.

The youth are advised not to consume steroids without the advice of doctors.

Lipid profile test or chest CT can be done once in every three months.

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Do exercise daily.

Include proteins and vitamins in the diet.

People who already have heart disease should not walk in the morning.

Cut down on salt intake this season

If you already have heart disease, take medicines regularly

Keep the body warm, take special care of it in the morning.

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