Health Tips: This favorite thing for breakfast is the enemy of health, people with diabetes should avoid it

To keep the body healthy, it is considered most important to take care of the nutritional value of breakfast. Dieticians say that seasonal fruits, eggs, milk, etc. must be included in breakfast, so that the body can get sufficient amount of energy to keep working in a better way. Dietician says, the trend of breakfast in all of our homes cannot be considered better for health. Most of us include things made of bread or flour in breakfast, but it has been found to be harmful in many ways in terms of health. Especially consuming white bread can be harmful for you.

White bread is mainly high in carbohydrates, in which case its excessive consumption can also increase the risk of diabetes and weight gain. Bread also does not contain essential nutrients for the body, so it cannot be consumed as a nutritious breakfast. Apart from this, things like bread are more processed, due to which there is a risk of increasing blood sugar levels.

Let us know how excessive consumption of bread can be harmful for health?

lack of nutrition in bread

You may find things made of white bread tasty, but in reality it cannot be considered a better option for nourishing the body. The nutritional value of flour is reduced during the process of making bread, and since it is made of refined flour, it can also lead to digestive and weight problems. There is also a risk of increasing the sugar level by consuming white bread.

problem of high blood sugar

The amount of fiber and protein in white bread is also very less, in which case white bread is digested faster and the process of its absorption is also very fast. This can cause blood sugar to rise rapidly. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2010 suggests that people with a higher intake of processed foods like bread are at a higher risk of developing complications of type-2 diabetes.

weight may increase

Even if you are trying to lose weight, you should avoid consuming carbohydrate foods like white bread. Since they are digested fast, which leads to the desire to eat more, as well as its residues start accumulating in the form of fat, which can lead to weight gain. Since it is also considered harmful for digestive health, consumption of white bread items should be minimized.

Which breads can be consumed?

If you want to include bread in the diet, then grain bread can be included in place of white bread. Bread made from flour not only provides the body with the power to work, but wheat flour also contains fiber and many other elements necessary for the body, which the body needs regularly. Fruit-salad and dairy products must be included in breakfast along with grain bread.


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